Players on Campus

Can any of the media members confirm that every member of the basketball team is now on campus and fully participating in basketball activities?

Well virtually all of them were in the team photo Muss tweeted from the baseball game the other day. Except for Hill but I’m assured he is on campus. Participating in activities? That I don’t know.

He was there with the rest of the team. For whatever reason he wasn’t in that picture. There was also a twitter update last week that showed the team working out at some boxing gym and Hill was part of that too.

Through social media I’ve seen everyone but Whitt.

I thought last week, or maybe the week before RD or Dudley said neither Whitt or Moss had transferred, yet. Finishing courses at SMU and Iowa (respectively) and wouldn’t be here until July.

What about Ethan Henderson? I haven’t seen him in any of the recent pictures on social media.

Yeah, I didn’t see him in the pic posted earlier, where they’re at the gym with fists taped. See the rest.

Edit: Or Holmes