Players' minutes - Nolan - 93/94 vs Muss 21/22

I wouldn’t have guessed this, but I do kind of remember Nolan’s Championship team was a little different than his 89-91 teams.

20+ minute players - 5
15-20 minutes players - 2

20+ minute players - 5
15-20 minutes players - 2

Very similar use of players. Kind of shows, regardless of style of play, if you’ve got a top 5 to 10 team, you’re not going to give significant minutes to more than 8 players. In the NCAA tournament, probably no more than 7, unless fouls dictate it.

1990-91 stats:
20+ minutes: 5
10-20 minutes: 3
But 9-10 minutes: 3

Of course that could be because we were blowing people out. Our average MOV was 19.2 points.

Actually the 94 team had 9 in double figure minutes (the starters plus Dillard, Robinson, Crawford and Rimac) and Lee Wilson played 9.6. MOV that year was 17.8. But Crawford was injured in the NCAAT so his minutes got redistributed.

By contrast, MOV this year was 7.6. Playing 10-11 points per game closer will reduce the opportunities for the bench regardless.

However, in the '94 Final Four (again without Crawford available) we had 7 with 10+ minutes against Arizona and 6 against Duke. Also 6 in the EE against Michigan. But in the Sweet 16 blowout of Tulsa we had 8.

Yeah, you are right. I pulled these stats Saturday and was out Sunday, so should have reread my notes. I had decided it took 15 minutes to be “significant” so my categories were 20+ and 15-20 minutes.

That actually would have been 5, 20+ min / and 2, 15-20 min for the 93/94 team and the same for Muss 2021/22. So 7 players with significant minutes for both teams. Just seems to me that 5 or 6 min a half isn’t very significant.

Beats 1-2 minutes per half – or less. I think if you’re entrusted with one fourth of the game or more you’re a major part of the rotation. Especially if two of the starters are only getting 21 per game (Stewart and McDaniel in '94).

I guess it depends on your definition of “significant”. Chances are if you average less than 15 minutes, you are playing due to fouls. Not that you represent little to no drop in talent from the player you are replacing. Similar to Notae in 2020/21 season.

I couldn’t disagree more. I think Clint and Dwight got 21 per game in '94 because Clint was full tilt all the time, and Dwight, well, the pace of Hawgball might have been a tad much for him given his body type. Neither one averaged as much as 3 fouls per game and both fouled out in three of 34 games.

That’s not disagreeing. You rested Dwight with Darnell - 17.9 min a game. You rested Clint with Crawford, 17.7 min a game. Neither one big drops in talent. ie: significant minutes.

There was one exception on that Nat’l Championship team. You brought in Alex Dillard to spark the offense with his great 3point shooting.

What were the 92-95 minutes played?

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