Players, Mike Anderson preview FIU

Isaiah Joe and Adrio Bailey

AB: It’s good to rest up. Never want to lose focus or get comfortable. We’ve been working and trying to get better each day.
IJ: We’ve been focusing and working on things to get better on in practice.
IJ: I’ve always taken charges. Coming here, I knew that would be a big factor. It does a lot of things for a team, and can give us an edge.
AB: By him taking charges, it shows that we’re all tuned in and locked in and want to win. We’re on the same page. We have forwards and guards doing the same thing, sacrificing our bodies.
AB: Coach is always making sure we’re in tuned. We’re still in the gym working.
IJ: We’re not going to be rusty. Once the game comes it’s time to perform.
AB: I personally don’t care about FIU’s numbers. We’ll see about them when the game gets here.
IJ: They shouldn’t hit us with anything we won’t expect. It’ll be what we’ve seen before and we’ll just go play ball.
IJ: We’ve been playing good defense through the first five games, but we can always play better.

Mike Anderson

– FIU is really playing good basketball right now. One of the top scoring teams in the country. It’s a game that will be up and down. Both teams will try to create some havoc defensively. Brian Beard Jr. is a really good player. He has 57 assists in eight games.

– It’s been a week since we played. It felt like we had a game every other day, then it was kind of a lull. We have to challenge them in practice and create some scrimmage scenarios.

– This week, hopefully, has been beneficial. This time is big for a guy like Jordan Phillips getting more reps in, etc. He’s working on doing some extra stuff to try to get into a rhythm.

– I saw Isaiah Joe taking charges and playing good defense when we recruited him. He’s a well-rounded player and his best basketball is in front of him. He’s got to continue to mature and get stronger.

– Beard is clever. He’s quick with the ball and he can really pass it. He’s a mixture of old school and new school.

– Adrio is going to have an opportunity to shine. He’s going to be the beneficiary of teams honing in on Daniel and he’s taking advantage of his chances. He’s knocking down some shots, great. He’s also driving the ball and getting to the rim. You expect that coming from a guy that’s played the most minutes of any guy here.

This should be a fun game to watch. FIU is 3rd in scoring in the country at 97 ppg. As Mike mentioned, Beard is a really good senior guard, especially defensively. He’s first in steals in the country at 3.6 spg., he’s 6th nationally at 7.6 assts per game, and he’s averaging 22 ppg. We need a couple of guys to “stick like glue” on him. If we can hold him below his averages, it should be a pretty easy win.

But, we better play great overall defense in this game. We may not be able to outscore them if it turns into a run and shoot, no defense game.

With our newly found defensive intensity I don’t think it will disappear for this game…