Players in transfer portal

Football players in the Transfer Portal who transfer to their new school become Counters in both the Initial Counter list (25) and the total Counters list (85) at the present time.

I expect the NCAA to change the rule so players transferring in from the Transfer Portal will only be a Counter in the total Counters list. (85)

I also believe the coaches at all the NCAA schools expect this rule to change.

CCM stated in the video from 3-30, that Arkansas would like to add a grad transfer at LB and DB. Those two if added would count against the 2019 recruiting class.

I believe Arkansas is anticipating a NCAA rule change in under graduates from the Transfer Portal. So don’t expect Arkansas to move on the paper work for Trelon Smith and Jared Sackett until the rule is change for them to count against the total scholarship limit only. (85)