Not only have we the boosters/fans lost faith, the players have also lost faith. Watch the up close cameras of the players faces and expressions during the game today. It will also become clear to you. Crystal clear.
Until today, I thought the team had the faith. They do not have the faith in what we are doing now. Zero Faith

Caps lock

Not buying it. I saw players doing their best to win. It’s one thing to say get rid of the coach, which will probably happen. But saying the players have lost faith is a mistake. I saw them fighting for every inch last night.

I see a team with very little leadership. They are playing for themselves only and not for the team. I believe the assistant coaches are only parroting the head coach in philosophy and are not challenging him in the direction of the program.

There are so many problems that it would take a full page to list and comment on them all, and I don’t have the patience to go into it.

I’m am waiting on a comment from Jeff Long as to the future of our coach. I think most of you feel as I do, in that a change is needed. What do we have to lose?

On the interception of Kelley in the last quarter (which was called back due to a penalty) Nance made zero attempt to tackle the DB that intercepted the ball. He actually touched him (like playground touch) without making a move to tackle. Maybe the coaches called him out on the sidelines but I’m thinking not at this point. My 8 year old grandson would have made a better attempt than Nance.

That is coaching. Nance will end up being a very good player for us and I bet he’s a fine young man but he should have been benched for a while for that move.

The only issue would be that if/when a change is made, who is going to pick arkansas over Florida, TAM and even ole miss? I see those as getting new coaches. I’m sure there will be others. That’s what makes me think that if a change is not made, that would be the reason. I also think with all the injuries, that might factor in also. And before I get blasted, I’m not advocating we keep the current coach. JMO.

We are certainly a better job than Ole Miss, always have been.

Now why us over Florida, Tenn, TAMU, who said we’d be keying in full throttle on the exact same guy? Florida isn’t going to want Mike Norvell he’s not a big enough name, and has no connections to Florida, im guessing Scott Frost. Tennessee has a repeated history of bad hires here lately, so I assume they do t again.

TAMU, they have a better recruiting base than us, but not a better history, and likely would go hard after Chad Morris.

Norvell is our guy, time to go get him.

Bielema said the lack of effort on the fumble return – it was viewed as a backwards pass or a lateral so it was a scoop and score – was addressed on the sideline and in the locker room. Poor reaction. They appeared not to realize that it could be a fumble, as it was accurately ruled.

The defense plays the soft coverage that Rhoades calls. Turn loose the blitzes and be aggressive.
Actually get rid of the former head coaches and get some up and coming assistants.
I still don’t think there will be a change at HC because of the money.

You could write a book about this team and the problems of playing like dead lice are falling off of them either in the first half or second half

We need leadership