Players Gotta Make Plays

You are factoring in defensive touchdowns in your calculation… Our offense is only averaging 20 ppg this season. Last year we averaged 21 ppg.

2019 Offensive Production:

  • 10 passing td
  • 8 rushing td
  • 21 xp made
  • 11 fg made
  • 8 games played

(18x6) + 21 + (11x3) = 162 points

162 / 8 = 20.25 ppg

2018 Offensive Production:

  • 17 passing td
  • 11 rushing td
  • 29 xp made
  • 19 fg made
  • 12 games played

(28 x 6) + 29 +(19 x 3) = 254 points

254 / 12 = 21.16 ppg

Not necessarily. QB maybe true, but I have seen better line play and WR are definitely better than last year.

Defense is slightly better, but we’re also faster than last year too.

Just saying.

As far as I recall, we only have one defensive TD this year. If you do that, then the 22.5 drops to 22.1.

And I’m sure the same could be said for last year, I don’t know how many defensive touchdowns we scored last year.

And if you still do that, then you have to take away points allowed by our defense this year as well. I just don’t have the data on turnovers for touchdowns to do the calculations.

Point is, technically by the numbers, we are better, but not that much better.

Please see my previous post for exact numbers provided by ESPN

Two for sure - Colorado State late and Ole Miss return by Curl

3 this year and 1 last year

The only way those stats make sense is if we scored 3 defensive touchdowns. The info. I’m reading says we only have one against Colorado State. What am I missing? Because if you take out the one touchdown I’m seeing, that’s 172 and that’s 22 points.

The 2018 stats are right if we didn’t score a defensive touchdown.

Still I’m not seeing how the current stats play out to lower than last year with only 1 defensive touchdown.

HHHMMM, I believe you, but I’m not seeing the stat.

Anyway, either their eerily identical or slightly off.

I will say that I don’t believe we’ll have a combined 6 points between the Mississippi State and Mizzou game this year.

And what is the evidence to back this up. If the freshmen on the O and D lines wereally that good, they would be playing already. And what stud linemen do we have committed in the next class?

  • Kamren Curl 69 yard fumble touchdown against Ole Miss
  • Ladarius Bishop 25 yard fumble touchdown against Colorado State
  • Scoot Harri 6 yard fumble return touchdown against Texas A&M

Ah, gotcha.

The QBs that came had more success than the ones that were here.

But I can’t make Hicks’ arm strength any better, Starkel’s decision making any better, the OL any better.

I do think they have more talent at a few positions, but not at enough positions.

I also think the coaching has been very questionable.

I think last year’s team probably beats this year’s.

Well at least Arkansas would finally get an SEC win

I dont know if last year’s Hogs would beat this years team, but one thing I am sure…the last 2 years has been an unwatchable brand of football.

I’m not sure that last years team would beat this years… I know last years team in November couldn’t beat anyone… anyone. Last years October team…maybe but it’d be a good game to watch.

And THIS is why I think the decision to go in another direction makes sense.

We’re not improving AKA rebuilding.

Things are digressing … the other 2nd year coaches that were struggling are now improving.

UCLA - two straight PAC 12 wins in a row and three on the year.

Tennessee - two conference wins now and four since Pruitt arrived. Also competed very well with Alabama.

Compare that to Arkansas under Morris - still searching for that first SEC win and getting worse as the year progresses.

Wow, if last years team beats this years team where does that land us next year? I think we are losing 13 Sr. this year that started at least one game and played in many and I don’t see the personnel to replace a few of these guys. My concern is even as well as we recruited last year we were near the bottom in Sec recruiting. From where I’m sitting it doesn’t seem like we are getting the player development we need from this staff and I think that to be successful at Arkansas you have to be a great recruiter and even better at player development along with strong motivational skills. Maybe CCM just needs more time but deep down I think he running out of time quickly. Don’t necessarily think he has to win to keep his job other than the WKY game, but he definitely has to do something to create some hope in the fan base. WPS