Players Gotta Make Plays

We always blame Chad. Snap the ball. Catch the borderline snap. Don’t throw to a covered up receiver in front of the linebacker. Catch a great back shoulder throw on 3rd down. Players gotta make plays at some point. There was nothing wrong with this game plan.

Youth is part of issue but lack of talent is biggest issue. Talent includes ability to learn gameplan, assignments, playbook and then be able to execute it in a game situation. Coaches can only simplify things so far and can only wait so long to see it the players will grasp it. With four games left and change to protect redshirts, it is time to play them to see what they can do.

I think the next few weeks will tell us a lot about the coaching ability of this staff because Arkansas should be able to compete with three of the last four similar to the way it did Texas A&M and Kentucky. Will it? Can it close out a close game if it is in one? We’ll see.

The last two games were decided on signing days. It will probably take Arkansas a long time to catch either of those teams.

Absolutely it will!
We just need some wins.
Outside of LSU, we have the potential to win the other three games. That will help immensely!

Coaches gotta coach. Just watch the shotgun snaps. I understand the occasional bad snap but our “good ones” float back there like a mini punt. QB waits… timing off… small disadvantage to start every play. That is a SIMPLE fix. AR high school teams do it every Friday. Just a lack of attention to detail. This is just an EXAMPLE and a similar lack of execution and attention to detail is evident throughout our games and that is COACHING. Sorry but those little things add up and when we had a “jerk” coach who refused to put up with that stuff we somehow got “lucky” and won a lot more games. I’m convinced Morris may get a little better (couldn’t get a lot worse) but he will never lead the program to real success. Think Stan Heath…

we’ll see hw close we are I guess

We win some games we will get some players they will want to come. If we keep getting embarrassed these coaches aren’t going to get the players. It’s as simple as that.

If you watched the game through to the end, you heard Greg McElroy talk about the status of the Arkansas team. He stated that the team was MUCH better now than it was a year ago. He also stated that the lines were not there yet. I’m convinced that is coming. It won’t be easy, but I do think it will happen.

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Great talking point for an announcer, but as someone who watches the games every week, do you think we are much better than last year?
I don’t even think we are better. I think we are about the exact same. We played better against Bama last year, we may be worse, idk.

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Our offensive PPG is less than last year and our defensive PPG is more than last year. How exactly are we better?

We are a better team from talent and culture of team being on same page. We are not a better team in record, bad decisions, not developing QB’s or backup depth, loss of recruits, declining fan attendance, increased bad publicity in state and national media and finally we are waiting until end of Nov to see how it plays out without any firm conviction that we are better than 50\50 chance of winning 2-3 of the remaining and if we do win three , we should be going to a bowl as ugly as year was and we won’t be going. Last two weeks losses are in top all time losses and both were meltdowns in each half. Bama could have hung a hundred on use with back up QB. Net of this rank, coaches are not better.

I took McElroy’s comments about being better to be about talent at the offensive skill positions. I think that is partially right.

Arkansas is better at receiver, but it doesn’t always show because the quarterback can’t get them the ball. O’Grady and Boyd are playing well, but they were good players last year.

I think the tight end position will probably take a step back next year once O’Grady is gone. I think running back will take a step back once Boyd is gone, which might be by next year, depending on the grade he gets back from the NFL after this season. No one is producing behind those two at those positions. The freshmen are not playing.

Quarterback play is not improved, which is surprising because of how poor it was a year ago. The offensive line has a long way to go.

I still think we drastically lack speed at receiver. Far, far away on that still. Zero explosive playmakers at WR. Zero. CCM had better get to work on that.

Burks is a bad ass but is not fast. He can and likely will be a star. But neither he nor Knox are burners. And both need to get better separation which will come with more upper body strength and weight work.

We aren’t.

Burks sure looked slow chasing down diggs, one of the faster players in the SEC, on his pick 6.
Don’t agree with you at all.

Excellent post. I keep hearing (seeing) these posts:
“The coach can’t make the plays”.
“The players have to make the plays”
“play calling was fine, the players just didn’t make the plays”, etc.

The head coach is responsible for:
hiring a competent staff, who assist him in installing his offensive and defensive systems.

The head coach and his staff are responsible for:
recruiting players
developing players he inherited
developing players he recruited
getting the correct players on the field
teaching the offensive and defensive systems. etc.

If the players on the field aren’t making the plays, it’s on the head coach.
If the staff puts the wrong players on the field, it’s on the head coach, who hired them.
If the players aren’t playing hard enough, it’s on the head coach and staff.

It seems to me that this head coach and his staff have come up short in:
wins and losses,
developing the players they inherited,
developing the players that they recruited or who transferred in,
teaching their “systems”,
putting the right players on the field, etc

Ultimately this level of play for the last year and 8 games is on the head coach!

Yes, yes, yes! And, he appeared to be the only Razorback on the field running as fast as he possibly could, trying to stop the TD.

Agree to disagree on Burks’s speed. But even if you are right, you need 4 or 5 Burks type guys at WR and at RB. Real speed. Like in the movie “Spaceballs” — “Ludicrous Speed.” This is the SEC. Can’t just have one guy. And can’t have a bunch of skinny fast guys like Jordan Jones. Need real speed and athleticism.

Actually that’s not true. We are averaging 22.5 points per game and last year we averaged a little more than 20. And the defense averaged 35 points a game given up and this year it’s 31.

Are those great? No, but to say it’s not better with 11 new starters on offense and 7 on defense is wrong.

But … the new starters were sold as being vast upgrades. Especially at QB.

False advertising!