Players getting COVID on purpose?

Could you imagine the liability level for the schools if this were true? These schools’ ADs and support staff are smarter than this. I don’t buy this theory at all. We must remember these coaches and support staff folks have families that this would put at risk as well.
Another counterpoint…doesn’t matter if your team is fine for competition this fall, but what about the opponent? It takes two to tango so no advantage if your team is ready but other team is not, unless there is just part of your team sick and quarantined?

These comments are a real “reach” by Boomer.

Is Arkansas only testing symptomatic players?

That’s what they stated back when they announced they were bring back the athletes. Who knows right now, and how many have tested positive, or have been quarantined.

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Apparently, we did (per Tom Murphy’s latest column)…

“The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s request Tuesday for updated positive tests for UA football players was not fulfilled.”

In this case, the adage (Askin’ ain’t gettin’) is indeed true.

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Actually, I could imagine Saban and Malzan telling their assistant coaches to get that 14 day immunity thing out of the way before the season starts.

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Wow! I knew the Niners jacked him up in that super bowl, but this is outrageous.

Holy unfounded accusations, Batman!

If I were Ed O or any other coach that they discussed like that, I’d be very offended. what a judgement of character, on people who he obviously doesn’t know or doesn’t have to be around.

I mean, if you’re saban trying to recruit, and some mom has watched that, does he have to spend time debunking that crap?

“I wouldn’t put anything past those schools down there”. Man, I thought that war ended over 150 years ago. And we all know what choir boys ohio state, penn state, michigan state etc are. they have done nothing shady “up there”. .

I don’t usually take offense to this kind of stuff, but this hit a nerve for some reason. Maybe I’m getting tired of unfounded accusations and horrible character judgements, by all the talking heads.

Hope Boomer gets a pimple on the very end of his nose, and a flat tire while driving in Baton Rouge.


Hey Doc, does the medical community (besides Swine) know the after-effects of Covid on a persons lungs. I thought I read where Covid left the lungs significantly impaired, with a long period for total repair.

Apparently, it can cause serious long-term damage to lungs, organs and other systems. Dr. Nate Smith explained today in the governor’s briefing the plight of a doctor who survived the Covid-19 initially, but now has heart issues that are probably going to kill him.

Clay explained it quite nicely, Fred. This is one nasty bug. You may remember that Utah center Rudy Gobert’s positive test was the trigger for the NBA to shut down in March. Gobert is a young, strong athlete, but he has said this week he’s still not back to normal three months later. And we’re starting to see more of that as younger people In Florida, Texas and elsewhere ignore masks and social distancing and get the virus as a result.


Actually it makes a lot of sense for the Bama and Clemson players. Generally speaking, C19 has minimal affect on young people. Hopefully their body will develop antibodies to protect them from being quarantined during the season. Get it now and be done with it. Yes, they’re playing roulette but the odds are greatly in their favor as well as competing for a national title and higher NFL draft slot.

Guy you say generally and that maybe true for 90% or more. But the few % it affects long term or worse will end sports again.

Yes, a lot of information out about pulmonary effects post Covid. Really any type of lower respiratory infection from any pathogen usually leaves some degree of scar/restriction in lungs(makes them stiff, so imagine trying to blow up/inflate a stiff balloon if that makes sense?). But Covid seems severe bc of the inflammatory response it causes. We are seeing renal issues and cardiac(cardiomyopathy bc it attacks the hearts muscle cells that help us pump blood) stuff. Lots of other complications but these three seem to be the worst of them.

I was pretty dumb when I was in college. Surely I was not that dumb.

It’s not certain people who get it have long term immunity. Add that to the severe consequences some, even young people, will have, it’s really a bad idea to intentionally contract this disease.

It’s not as unlikely as it seems:

Already noted in another thread…

Yup, and now in this one. :grinning:

Reminds me of that old movie “On the Beach”. A nuclear apocalypse left Australia as the last survivable place on earth. As the deadly radiation cloud slowly seeped into the southern regions, people partied as if there was no tomorrow. Which was true.

Our young fools don’t seem to realize there is a tomorrow and those who are strong and prepared will survive and thrive. Darwinism at work.


Young people tend to think they are indestructible and will live forever. If the Bama/ Clemson/ Other athletes are intentionally trying to get C19…I can only assume they have measured the odds and consequences and have decided to roll the dice thinking the odds are in their favor enough to warrant the risk. A similar analogy would be athletes taking PEDs. Their personal logic dictates the potential gains exceeds the potential losses enough to warrant taking PEDs.

Personally, I’m in the Fourth Quarter of my life span. I try to live a happy and healthy life appreciating every day. I shall be risking C19 leaving Hawaii this August for the Mainland taking my son and daughter to the UA for the 2020/2021 school year. But I shall not be trying to get C19. The odds are not in my favor.


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