Players from the BB and Club Dub era

Its amazing to read that some of our best players were recruited by BB and Club Dub. I guess I just never looked much into it.

How did Club Dub convince Catalon to come here?

Just goes to show you that you just can’t roll the ball out there and let them play. Coaching, great coaching makes a difference.


what does this even mean?

It means that one really bad coach and one average coach did recruit some really good players.

It also means that even though you have good players you still have to have good coach’s to coach them.

I think Chad Morris was a horrible coach that treated his players bad but somehow he got Catalon to come here. That seems pretty amazing to me.

Does this make sense to you? Not sure I could break it down any further.


I get it now. I’m a bit thick at times.


Also, Club dub = throw a champagne locker room party for beating CSU


My grandpa had a saying that fits here. “Even a blind squirrel gets a nut now and again”

gentry, go read the article on the front page; look at the list of major contributors that were brought into the program by both BB & CM. For being such poor coaches overall, those two squirrels found more high-quality nuts than you’d believe.

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That was tongue in cheek.

BB was a better recruiter than we are giving him credit for and he pulled in some good recruits. He didn’t pull the right recruits (trenches) and his coaching doomed those that he did recruit.

CCM was a used car salesman and was able to do some good recruiting. When the players found out he was an a^&%$^%$# and couldn’t coach, then the results were as expected.

Both coaching regimes, with better coaching, could have been much more successful. Sam Pittman proved that.

CBB has been gone for 4 years. While his overall recruiting had slipped badly at the end of his tenure, there are still a few of his recruits left in the program. Of course they’re going to be pretty good. They are 5th and 6th year players! Three of them were walkons who worked their tails off and developed over time. CMM had a great recruiting class in the one full recruiting year that he had here. If he had just been able to beat a few patsies, and not lost his team, that recruiting probably would have continued.

Just because you have been here a long time doesn’t mean you will be a great player.


I just read the article on Club Dub and now I am unconfused.

No, but just because you came to Arkansas without a schollie and because you had family members who had played for the Hogs and then you made yourself into a great player; does not mean that Bret Bielema is a great recruiter. Whew, that was a long sentence. I’m exhausted!

Guess I never said that…I was mostly intrigued by Catalon.

I would say most walk-ons should get all the credit themselves. If a coach was a good recruiter they would have never been a walk on in the first place. Even though someone is coaching them while there on the team.


I think Morris was a good recruiter until he was exposed as a really bad coach. He did a good job of selling early playing time at a P5 school with great facilities and a rabid fan base. After the San Jose fiasco, everyone knew his stay in Fayetteville was going to be a short one.

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An old coach I know used to have the following saying hanging on the wall of his office:

You can lose with talent, but you can’t win without it.


I like that.

Early playing time was his calling card. Then he redshirted Catalon. As if we didn’t need help in the secondary.

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I would think Kendall Catalon was a big help

My Momma could have been on the team and if I did just a little research I would have never played for Morris.

I think you missed my point. Kendall, his older brother, transferred to Arkansas from an FCS school the same year Jalen committed, and signed with the Hogs. I don’t believe Texas and other teams in the mix for Jalen offered the same package.

Don’t get me wrong, it was obviously a smart thing to do. I was just responding to your post that he was a main reason Morris was able to get Jalen.