Players for Morris system....

I wouldn’t be so quick to rule out Kelly. He sheer size alone could be good for an automatic 4 yards on QB keep options (see: Tebow, Tim). This could add a nice added element to Morris’ so called “smashmouth spread” style. And Kelly could stand to lose at least 20 pounds… would add quite a bit to his mobility. The key for the QB in this offense is can they make the instant reads correctly?

The QB SMU has this year is not running the ball any more often than Kelley did this year, if you throw out the sacks. I think Morris will adapt his offense to whatever works best with the best talent he can put on the field. Like Gus at Auburn, he does not have to have a true RPO guy to be really successful.

One big positive for Kelley in this system would be his size. He’s not an easy guy to bring down single handed, and that is pretty meaningful in a system where the QB is going to get hit more than you envision in a pro-style offense. He will probably be getting rid of the ball a bit quicker, too.

Spring ball should be pretty interesting.