Players for Morris system....

I assume speed in the backfield and WR is essential. We have speed in Hayden and Hammonds. What about the OLine? Will he want quick smaller OL?

Will Cole fit the system?

Any thoughts on the players on campus now and his system?

I hope Morris targets shea Patterson to transfer from ole Miss, he would fit perfectly.

I doubt personally, that Kelley will be the guy.

Hammonds and Hayden should flurish in his system

They are comparable to his SMU backfield of Xavier Jones and Braeden West they combined for 1500 yards

While Freeman is a bruiser and Whaley’s clone

Receivers are lacking at UA when compared to SMU Corp of Sutton, Quinn, and Proche

Hammonds, Hayden, Martin, Stewart, Jones, ogrady, the JC TE, Gragg, Nance will all thrive.

QB-can Kelley handle it? I bet he can, we’ll have to see

OLine? I really think we have better talent than it looked like the past 2 years. I’ll be shocked if this unit isn’t much better. not Bama good, but at least they will be competent.

no idea on defense

can’t wait to watch this team grow!


Just a “heads up” that Patterson will NOT be allowed to transfer to any SEC School or Out of Conference School that will play OM over the next 2 years.

I think those receivers will be just fine, its a lot of talent there and there and should ball out in this system…

According to ESPN, ole miss has revised that and players are eligible to transfer to any SEC school.
That’s how I read it earlier atleast.

J Cornneilus could return

Connor Nolan will make a strong bid as a true freshman starter next year at QB.

OK, that must be a very new development then… Currently on a business trip and I haven’t been able to keep up with everything.

Thank you BG.

PS: This is where I read it… <LINK_TEXT text=“ … /73922490/”></LINK_TEXT>

It was announced within the last few hours I believe.

I really do appreciate the update, thank you.

Based on what I have watched of him, Noland would have to take a significant step forward to be able to start in the SEC next year.

I watched most of the state championship game last weekend, and Noland has a good arm and made some nice throws, but I didn’t see a guy who looked like he would be ready to start next year. I think he’ll redshirt unless Daulton or Cole leave.

Daulton may be the man to watch here.

Many of the Ole Miss players will go to Michigan.

Fits Ty Storey as well

Can I just say how much I appreciate how nice most posters are on this board. I’ve been guilty of getting mildly salty a time or two and regret it, but overall we seem to have plethora of cool folks on here.

Also, in my opinion, Shea P. Is an absolut baller and would be a huge pickup, but I believe he is Michigan bound. The Morris hire gives me some hope. We’ll see.

Wonder if we might get a grad transfer by the name of rafe peavey at qb.

Rafe did not win the starting job at SMU, and did not get close here before, so I can’t see him coming back here to fight an uphill battle again.