Players excited for Rhoads to be on sideline during games

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Some good/interesting quotes in here. They obviously like Paul a lot.

i like this

I’m a fan of having the D-coordinator on the field - especially someone with his presence.

I asked Henre’ whether Paul would be on the field or in the box and we talked about that, then someone followed up with a question about the way Paul coaches compared to what he’s had in the past from his defensive coordinator. After a fairly lengthy pause, he gave this quote:

“He’s just a great coach, man. He really cares about us. He knows what he wants. He’s watched previous years and knows what not to do. He’s just enthusiastic, he knows what to do, he knows what he wants with this defense. He knows the holes of the defense, so us as a defense, we don’t panic. He empowers this defense, so that’s what I think the biggest difference is.”

He was searching for how to express what he wanted in a classy way. The last sentence is especially interesting and honest. The players genuinely like Paul and the way he coaches and carries himself and want to play for him as a result.

This is my favorite Hog sports article written this year. I so hope it comes to fruition.