Players deserve better

Worst coaching I’ve seen. Fire CM now. He ain’t the guy.

Oh good lord.

Playing not to lose will get your butt beat every time.

And go get who?

Really… 2 games in when we knew we were going to struggle.

Just a bit early on that. Perhaps U need to hunt more and stress less about a work in progress.

We cannot seem to find the right person to lead this team and state back to some sort of respect. Really sad.

It was by far the worst called game I’ve ever seen.

No offensive game plan. Looked like a pre-season scrimmage just, calling plays or something!

I told you guys…

finally, took a long time.

Agreed- we knew this year would be a struggle. But this game is squarely on the head coach getting paid quite a bit of money. He was awful, no way to spin it. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if we lose out.

Yeah after the last 2 years the players didn’t need this choke job hanging on their back all year. The only way to get the stench of this off of them is to beat one of the 3 or 4 teams that are supposed to drill us.

The coaches weren’t the ones making stupid penalties on D and being out of position for big pass plays. The offensive play calling was bad in the 4th quarter, but the defensive choked this game away.

Y’all clearly never watched Bret coach a game then.

I agree it was bad.

But after the past 5 years it was certainly not any worse than several of Bret’s games.

The only comment I have to make about coaching is hand either Ty or Cole the ball and say your my man and instill some confidence in them so they are not looking over their shoulder. If the starter plays some games and falls flat then switch QBs but a Qb has to have confidence. WPS

If coach Bobby Petrino has repented it’s no reason we shouldn’t accept him back

Thoughts- the So. Illinois played game said to me Arkansas’s defense is way ahead of their offense. I believe this same defense wore down last night as the result of playing in an unaccustomed higher altitude (Fort Collins, CO) 5003’ vs UA 1401’. In addition, this head coach did not trust his offense to get him one yard on forth down what is the long term affect here. At the end of the day a lot of things to sort out and fix before conference play rolls around. I believe he knows he doesn’t have a QB in the lot otherwise why did he turn to Cole in the second half who isn’ t suited for his style of offense entirely too stiff and slow

As we have noted many times before, it wasn’t just about the young lady.

I agree there were coaching mistakes, but Arkansas would look like absolute idiots if it pulled the plug this early on Morris, who has arguably the best recruiting class going to 2002 according to its ranking in Rivals.

There is no excuse for losing last night’s game, especially after being up 27-9.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day and this football program won’t be rebuilt in speedy fashion either.

Reply- now I know you don’t get it, it has nothing to do with repentance, if he comes back to the UA liability follows him, potential law suits will follow, that ship has sailed.