Players comments

We played soft. Didn’t box out. They kept coming up with the long ones and the short ones. i got to play stronger than what I did tonight. They played more aggressive. They wanted it more than we did. Beat us to all the 50-50 balls. We weren’t getting our bodies in there. We didn’t adjust to it. We didn’t match their intensity.

I just have to shake my head.

Sad thing is they’re correct

Well, watch the presser of the losing team. That is what you will get. It is player-speak. What else do you expect them to say. They will never say that the other team was just better. No one wants to admit that. I am sure this is not the first time you heard that.

How bout brutal honesty! We weren’t prepared to win. The coaches failed and the players failed. They all should apologize. The least you could do is play hard and try!

Would love to see how some of you would handle the press if they came to your work after a bad day.

Especially when you were 17-21

Easy to come off the top rope on kids behind an anonymous name on a message board

Joe leaves it on the floor. So does Gafford. You noticed that didn’t say a word about the non calls on our offensive end and the ticky tack stuff on Florida’s offensive end.

Those two were the one being pushed and held all game long while Gabe and Harris were left wide open!

They were both respectful and honest. Good young men to represent our hogs!

Hum! Dudley are you upset?

I thought they were saying what you were proposing. They were accepting responsibility for losing by making themselves responsible. They were saying they collectively failed.

As far as apologies, this is just a game man! They didn’t hurt anyone or kill anyone. No need to apologize to us.


I didn’t see the PC so I can’t speak on their answers

Just interesting to me how some believe kids should act or what they should say in stressful situations

My basketball day mood will be decided on how the Celtics do tonight.

That’s where I’m a fan.

Hope Horford has a big game. He’s killed my lineups the last few times I’ve taken him.

I just really wish someone would tell kids to quit saying “they wanted it more than we did”

I am so sick of hearing it, because if it’s true then shame on you. If it’s not true then don’t use it as a crutch.

There was no talk of the DH coming to the National League, butt we don’t get everything we want and have to just deal with it as it comes

Amen! I just don’t understand how some of our so call fans can feel so comfortable throwing our kids under the bus

Happens every year. Many of us post frustrations during and immediately after games and criticize players. I understand that (and have been guilty of it) but some take it to the extreme (see Gabe). I feel sorry for the kid, plus I think he has tremendous potential

I’m guilty about Gabe, and there’s more to that criticism based off what you and I have talked about before.

I’m guilty of it as well.

I think many throw the kids under the bus thinking they are deflecting the heat away from the coach. I’m not sure how some want to run off half the team and turn around and have the same guy that recruited those players recruit their replacements. I’m not sure who all is in on evaluating the talent they recruit but they may want to evaluate the evaluators before we start handing out scholarships. Today is a bad time to discuss the team and coaches as most everyone has a bitter taste in their mouth and post things they will look at tomorrow and wonder what they were thinking. I thought all along that we would be lucky to play .500 ball this year in conference game with our youth and I’m even more concerned now on how we will do next season. WPS

I have voiced opinions on several of our players. That is what I thought happened during a discussion. I want all of our guys to succeed and be great players. They have shortcomings as D1 players in a tough conference. Most players do. I don’t think anyone is intentionally trying to throw them under a bus. Saying we want better players, better coaching and better results is being fans. It’s getting hard to post anything anymore without offending someone.

There is a difference between saying, Gabe needs to cut down on turnovers and work on his shooting, and saying Gabe is a waste, worthless, and should never play, it’s his fault we lost, he sucks, he needs to leave.

Kid is a Razorback and is giving max effort for Razorback Nation, I question how many on here do the same.

Totally agree with that bake. I try to not post after games. I have written and deleted more than a couple of times