Players and the media

Has Danyelle been coaching these guys some on how to handle the press such as these post game PCs? They seem to handle it so well both with what they say and how they say it? That is not an easy thing for a young man to do. If not Danyelle, then someone is doing a good job or perhaps this is just a very unique group.


In my opinion, teams tend to reflect their coach. When the right things are being said in private and in public it shows. Has there been some media coaching, I would say absolutely, Muss is so detailed of course he has that part of it covered as well as what is going on the floor. You will find absolutely no stone unturned.

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I have read in a couple of places over the last two years that Danyelle’s “job” is to work with the players on their social media posts and their interview skills. That has to go a long way with both recruits and their parents. If the NCAA goes through with allowing players to be compensated for their likeness and social media follow #'s then it will be even more enticing to recruits.

Correct, Jim. She has given them pointers and showed them how to conduct interviews. It has made things easier to interview the players. I’ve always thought the basketball players were good interviews at Arkansas. Don’t know why that is. Maybe it’s frequency. You do something enough, it becomes old hat and you relax. The key to doing a good interview is to engage and relax.

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