Player shot charts – November

Arkansas player shot charts for the first six games of the season:

Well that’s a nice looking shot chart for Toney

That is a man who plays within himself on the offensive end. Going to be interested to see if he attempts a few more threes and midrange jumpers moving forward. He has the stroke for it.

Scottie, is it true that Toney has another year here if he wants it?

Yes. Other players who will be granted an extra year because of covid are JD, KK, Devo, Jaylin, Jaxson and Connor.

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Thanks for the reply. Would love to have Toney for 2 years!

Dang notae takes a lot of shots.

A combined 5 of 35 from 3 on the left wing from your three point guards is less than ideal. And the lack of attempts from the corners (4 of 18) is something Eric Musselman wasn’t too pleased with Monday.

Lykes 7 of 20 in the lane is interesting. Maybe shouldn’t be a surprise given his size but I bet he finished better than that at Miami.

Connor and Jaylin are a combined 19/26 in the paint. Nice.

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