Player response is amazing

It absolutely amazes me how much players love Sam Pittman. Current and former Hogs on Twitter are unanimously over the moon.

Love it or hate it, it’s amazing how much the players love him. I don’t think the locker room will be an issue.


Does that matter to all of these posters who seem to know better?


Pittman is a very well-respected man nationally! It’s a risk bringing him in with no experience, but he will hire a good staff and will recruit the type of lineman that you have to win in the SEC look at the LSU Georgia Bama offensive lines.


I am excited!,

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Thanks youdaman for saying something positive! All I have been reading is negative crap!

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Well that makes 3 of us!

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Hope they are right & I am not looking forward to basketball season after the first football game.z

Yes sir youdaman

All in all, I’ve been in favor of the Barnhill/Broyles policy of not hiring people without HC experience. But desperate times require desperate measures and it’s not like hiring someone with an HC line on their resume’ is any guarantee.

By the way, Sam doesn’t have a Wikipedia page so no one has done a premature update yet.

I’m definitely excited

It’s an experiment but a pretty smart one

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I like it a lot

1st thing he needs to do is work on Hayes, Crawford. and Ward and get them on board.

He needs to get a QB. Go get Haynes King from TAMU. He wanted to come here before Chud told him his kid was coming.

Will be interesting to see if we make another run at Jacoby Criswell, who I believe is currently committed to North Carolina.


WE have the most stupid fans ion the country. They are a joke as a whole.

That makes 4 of us. :+1:

Criswell was contacted today, said Pittman offers some things the previous staff didn’t have and said he looks forward to talking to him.

Speaking of in-state QBs who got away, did anyone notice Gerry Bohanon got in briefly for Baylor (and got hurt) against OU?

I wish I didn’t agree but I do:

Banners over the stadium
FOI requests
Full-page ads
The Bobby Petrino cult (he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue if he wins games, to borrow an analogy)

And that was before Twitter. Since then it’s only gotten worse.


Hope the fan base gets behind Pittman.

Going this route may not be what fans hoped for in a big national name, but he is nationally respected in coaching ranks and no coaches are laughing at this hire.

We may have just backed into an amazing situation that saves our program.