Player of the Week

Mason Jones. At least SEC POW, if not national. Hope loss to SC does not enter into selection of this individual honor. What a week!

Where would Arkansas be this year without Mason? So grateful Arkansas gave him a scholarship that no other P5 school would. Fearless and has that winning swagger.

Muss needs to send Mike a thank you note for recruiting Mason to Arkansas. That was probably the greatest recruiting steal since Scottie Pippin Sr.

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Pippin was not even recruited. He was a team manager his first year. If I remember correctly.

Correct. Pippen Sr. started out as a UCA manager.

Yep. Left school for summer vacation as a 6’ manager and came back as a 6’7" player that could handle the ball like a pretty good 6’ guard. And the legend continues.

Scotty Thurman turn out pretty good for an unheralded recruit.

Well Arch Jones still had to convince him to stop picking up towells and start running, jumping and shooting. That makes him the greatest recruiting steal in the history of college basketball!

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