Player comparison for Moody

I read a thread elsewhere comparing Moses to various former Hogs, NBA players, etc…and this comparison jumped into my head.

Many of you may not be familiar with his game, though you may have heard the name.

Smooth as silk

Hmmm, I’d like to think everyone’s heard of Keith. He was silk, but not built like Moody. Moody has a mature NBA body, now. Akin to Corliss, but a shooter, too. Friggin unbelievable he came to the Hill.

Talk about a winner. 2 NCAA championships at UCLA. 4 in NBA (Golden State and Lakers).

I definitely heard the name and remember he played for the Lakers, but for some reason I want to say he had a really weird mechanic when he shot his jump shot. Not saying it didn’t go in when he shot but I seem to remember a weird swing of the ball over his head. Now its possible I’m mixing him up with another player of the Lakers back then as I must admit I’ve slept a day or two since watching those early 80s games. The early 80s were the golden years for me and the NBA with the likes of Magic, Bird, and the Doctor. Good Times.

You got it.

Excellent comparison. I had forgot about Wilkes. Great college and NBA player. I didn’t think his shot was weird at all. Think Marvin Delph’s shot. Very accurate.

Good comparison. Alex English comes to mind sometimes as well.

Moody reminds me of Joe Johnson. He is not as graceful or smooth as Joe, but a lot like Joe.

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Does he remind anyone else of Grant Hill?

He reminds me that in the future we will have players that will remind us of Moses Moody.
I can dig that.

Grant Hill? Hill was a high flying super athletic kid. Cerebral like Moody, yes. Moody is a far better perimeter shooter. But Grant Hill, especially before he suffered his major injury, was super athletic and explosive. Could jump out of the gym. Moody will never be athletic like Grant Hill.

Moody does have smooth as silk composure…and he is also full of grit. You think he is a rather polished, almost patrician player…then he’s diving on the floor. Or fighting for a rebound among giants. Love him. Wish he would stay a year! But he won’t. And who can blame him.

I don’t recall Joe being as strong around the basket as a frosh.


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