Played with 247's class calculator

Which has us last in the SEC based on 10 commits. But if we sign Turner and Coates, for instance, we jump from 143 to 165 points in their ranking which would jump over Misery and darn near Vandy which has 15 already signed and two more unsigned commits.

I’d say if we can get into 7-10 of the SEC in February, given our situation, that would be as good a class as we could hope for.

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When is coates signing?

That would be absolutely incredible

Coates alone got us out of last place at 247.

Tennessee had 23 commits, signed all but two of those, and is in 7th place now among SEC schools at 249 points (all scores include commits who haven’t signed). Moo U is 10th at 217 for 21 commits. We’re at 151 now with 11 commits, eight signed. Turner is not currently listed; he’d add 14 points to the team score all by himself. Bring in another 8 high school/juco with some 3- and 4-stars… Turner, Marcus Henderson and Brady Ward alone would push us to 182.