Play the Kids

There is a certain peace that settles in once you accept that this is going to be a long season, but you truly believe that the future is bright. This week I have transitioned into that peace and I look forward to the remainder of the season just to see what this staff is able to do in such trying times.
With this in mind I think it is time to play the kids whenever possible. I am tired of seeing the same players who have made the past two seasons such nightmares still out there making the same mistakes that they made as sophomores.
If this is the how the season will go (and it is) then I would like tto see Gatlin, Clenin, Woods, Pool, Foucha, etc get a full season of action against top flight competition than waste the opportunity.
I know it is hard to play freshmen in the SEC, but I think we are all tired of this losing brand of football we have seen from some of these players year after year after hearing all off season how they had improved.
Lets get to the future ASAP and to get there we need a new group of the players that can play four quarters of football without losing the will to win.

One of my favorite sayings is from Darrell Royal. “If a dog will bite…he’ll do it as a pup”. Which has some merit. The one thing that worries me is putting kids out there before they are ready and letting them get beat up so much they lose confidence. It’s a fine line but I get what you are saying.

I would not play any young player who is not ready. And I think we have a coach that knows the difference and will make good decisions.

If it’s really close, at any position I say play the pup. Let’s get on with preparing and rebuilding for the future.

I think we are so thin, playing the pups will be a necessity, not a choice.

We need to play the freshman. We have to start moving on to the future.

Getting beat by 28 or 42 is little difference in this transition year … play the young ones and get the experience for the future. Kelly at UCLA has made that decision and he will win down the road.

I am all for playing freshman so long as you aren’t actually impeding their development. That’s the tough call by coaches, and its based on their practice performance and habits, and even personality. None of us can assess that stuff. So its easy to sit and say “play so and so” (as I was Noland)…but its not based on much actual information.

That said, I stick with my prediction that Connor winds up as the starting QB…and remains there for awhile.