Play of the game IMO

Up 3 with under 3 to play. Barford makes the play I have been hoping (and expecting) him to make. He takes his man off the dribble, gets the hole, makes the bucket, gets fouled and hits the foul shot.

I hope that gives him some confidence going forward that he can be the man in the clutch.

And someone mentioned him earlier, but Arlando Cook gave us some big minutes.

Cook’s two late FT were huge. Moses didn’t have a good game but had some nice rebounds and blocks.

It seemed everything he blocked it they picked it up and put it back in.

Big win.

I thought Moses could have been helped by Dustin Thomas showing up ready to play. He wasn’t and didn’t.

Mo started to get it going in the second half and had to sit after being called for a very iffy foul.

I thought Moses played poorly in the first half, contrary to the worst analyst on TV, Dino Gaudio (halftime show) who said we were losing because we simply needed to get him the ball. At that point he was 0-4 with at least 2 walks.

I wish he would stop worrying about his offense. When he just plays he stuffs the stat sheet. It’s when he parks in the paint and forces up tough shots after several dribbles that he struggles and starts to press.

Cook will probably start to get more PT in place of Thomas if Thomas continues to have games where he shrinks.

Cook–despite being crossed over once for an And 1–is a very good on ball defender and he also got Kingsley the ball on the block quickly with his guy pinned and in a position to score.

Those are little things that don’t always show up in the box score but help good teams win.

DT drunk it up. why can’t trey get more minutes?

Because he doesn’t do anything in the minutes he gets.

Trey and Moses together is a recipe for disaster on all the defensive switches we do.

The difference in this team and the one from a couple of years ago is that it has multiple guards that can get to and finish at the basket. It also has guys that can get to the line and knock them down throughout the roster. In today’s officiating environment that’s a precious skill, especially on the road.

Texas hasn’t fouled a lot this season. They are #31 in least fouls per possession. That we were able to win the game at the line was encouraging. The shots don’t fall every night, especially away from home in a strange environment where the refs allow opponents to be more physical. Getting to the line is a good way to ensure that you can score enough points to give yourself a chance.

Texas has a profile that is not dissimilar to a lot of the SEC. Big, defends pretty well, but limited on O. Today’s game was good prep. The O will have to improve, but we will probably react better the next time that we see that kind of size. Nonetheless, the days of shutting us down by getting in our grill may be over. I also get the impression that our O is grinding the gears trying to shift to a higher level. One of these days we’re going to force that turbo into fifth.

I like Barford, he makes some great plays. Thought one of his blocks tonight was allsome. But IMO sometimes he seems surprised that the other team is going to play defense. Not sure if that is a transition from Juco thing or what, but he seems to have more than his share of silly turnovers.