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How awesome that was!!!

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Two Vols missed him twice. Four others missed him once.

We attended that game. I’ll never forget that return. Priceless…

One of the greatest if not the greatest punt return I ever witnessed. When you factor in tackles slipped when in grasp or near grasp, tackles missed, all of those defenders that thought they had him more than once, total yardage he covered. Plus the blockers trying to figure out which way he was going

There was a Tennessee fan sitting next to me at that game. He was talking about how bad their coach was and how bad their team was, and I was telling him that the Vols weren’t that bad. After the punt return, all I could do was laugh and agree with him.

I especially enjoyed that game because of how inept we were in Knoxville in about 2003 or so when they just killed us. It wasn’t just a loss, but it was a humiliating one. We turned the ball over. Missed tackles. Dropped the ball. Awful. That punt return sorta evened it out for me. Tenn looked totally inept on that play. And we humiliated them that night.

Anyone know where Joe is today? He had a short stint with the Panthers and then I lost track of him.

I believe you mean the 2000 63-20 beat down. We stopped playing them every year after the 2002 6OT season. 2000 was the one where they scored 35 points in the first quarter, including Phil going for a fake FG while up about 21-0. I pretty much lost all respect for that man after that fake FG.

Yes. I guess it was 2000. It was the worst first quarter of football I think we’d ever played. Until the fiasco at So Cal a few years later, it was probably the worst game we’d ever played. Of course, we have several potential nominations for our worst game coming out of the 2018 & 2019 seasons.

My son and I were watching the game. He was looking at his laptop or something during the punt return. I was yelling at the TV when Joe gave up 10 yards. He looked up about the time Joe got to the 50 and said, “Why are you yelling? Looks like he is going to score.”

In that same game, Dennis Johnson had a 71 yd TD run and Jarius Wright had this incredible catch.

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Thanks for sharing the Wright catch. I had forgot about that one. He has always been one of my favorite razorbacks.

Jarius is one of my favorites too. He made some big catches while with the Hogs - the long catch and run for a TD in the big comeback win against A&M in ‘11, 2 with defenders in his face against K State in the Cotton Bowl (Joe had another fantastic punt return in the game), a stop n go route for TD against LSWho.

The greatest punt return in history IMO,just unbelievable.

The only punt return I can ever remember that could match it was Johnny Rodgers of Nebraska vs Mobilehoma in 1971. Rodgers was surrounded by Paperclips, bounced off a few and, well, see for yourself.

Yeah, that was a great one…remember watching it live…and it was in a game that meant more.

But for sheer “escapability” - and number of tacklers eluded…Joe’s return has it beat.

Remember it well, Rodgers was a phenomenal athlete.

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