Play of the day

… might be Bevo taking on UGA. :lol:

Bevo is just like his teasipper fanatics. A jerk.

Wish Uga had bit him on his nose.

Go Georgia!

Bevo has shown more fight than the Bulldogs.

This looks to be a foreshadowing of the game

That’s exactly what I thought Bluegrass. That was one mean and ornery bovine and that’s exactly how Texas played to the very end. From trying to gore Uga in the pre-game to trying to gore a sliding Jake Fromm in the closing seconds, the Longhorns were out to kill and maim the Bulldogs. I think they succeeded.

And that is exactly why the UA does not allow live mascots on the field. All fun and games until an 1800 lb bull knocks someone down or a dog bites someone…

Remember when UGA (this one or the one before) tried to take a bite out of an Auburn player’s crotch who got too close running out of bounds? UGA got a taste of his own medicine!

Many years ago, the Navy had a small base in Athens Georgia that I had to visit for a short period. Several of us decided to go to the Georgia vs Baylor football game Saturday afternoon. It was early September and very hot and humid. Baylor brought their bear out onto the sidelines. Well the bear was obviously hot and cranky and wasn’t going to have any of that. The handler wanted him to get up on the stand and basically sit there for the crowd to see but the bear stood up on his back legs and whacked his handler. It look liked a right hook from George Foreman and just decked the handler. They put him back in his cage immediately.

That is more dangerous than most people realize. Having grown up on a cattle farm if you got a cow or a bull with horns and they decide to weaponize them you better get out of the way. People could’ve easily been gored. Man if that it happened there would’ve been business cards for lawyers laying all over the turf there.

One more… I can vividly remember watching Arkansas versus A&M basketball game probably in the late 70s or early 80s when Eddie Sutton was still coach… But I can remember every time Arkansas was getting ready to shoot free throws they had that dad gum dog barking

You are absolutely correct. About 40 years ago I made a stab at being a Rodeo Cowboy. Calf Roping and Bulldogging were my events. Got hurt doing both but the worst was when the steers horns got me. Fortunately there was no gorging but plenty of bruises, scapes, cuts and wind knocked out of me jumping on those horns. After about 8 years of futility giving away my entry fee’s I retired. A new baby and the choice of feeding my. 2 horses or a baby made that easier.

I was thinking the same thing when I saw the video. That was a dangerous situation for all. Hopefully Bevo has been cut. Surely he is a steer now. Surely.

It wouldn’t matter (although I’m sure he is a steer, managing an intact bull would be ultimate folly), but the reaction of a longhorn to a dog is not surprising to any who know the breed. It’s a good thing that the instinct to latch onto a nose has all but been bred out of that bulldog. Can you imagine what the reaction might have been to that?