Play concerns me more than loss.

I hate losing. While I hope we win every game, I don’t expect that to happen. Having seen Auburn play, I thought this was going to be a challenge for us to go beat them in their home court. A loss was a good possibility. Auburn is a good team. At least they are playing very well right now. The loss doesn’t concern me as much as how we lost. Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be a trend on how they perform in road games. Too much standing around on offense. Not much motion from a team that I understand is supposed to run a motion offense. Too much one on one dribbling and not enough rotation or getting everyone involved. That’s just my opinion based on what I see. The defense seems to be lost and slow to react or rotate on screens or slow to cover shooters behind the arc.
This play, to me, has been apparent in the last three losses, (Houston; Miss St and now Auburn).
Like I said, I don’t expect to win every game, especially road games, but I do expect more of the team in how they perform. It’s not so much that they lose, as in how they lose. I love this team, and I still expect them to be a tournament team. But they sure need to play better on the road. GO HOGS!

Totally agree with your post.