play calling

I am not 100% sure who is calling the plays, but I believe it to be Joe Craddock. I think it is common coaching strategy that if you are successful doing anything, you stick to it until the other teams stops it. We were running the ball straight off the bus last Saturday, but we kept trying to hit some downfield passes despite the early interception and our success running the football. I can think of a couple of 1st half series where we hit 4 plus yard gainer on 1st down and then threw incomplete down field 30 yards trying to make a big play and then we have third and long, which we would not make and then punt. That is not good for a team that desperately needed to possess the football to establish some rhythm. To me, this offense could not walk and the play caller was trying to make it sing and dance. In the 2nd quarter, he did start exploiting CSU’s weakness and called 8 or so consecutive runs and we scored a TD. But in the 4th quarter, when things were going south, when we really needed to run some clock, get some mojo going, this was after the negative review of the Jones TD, after the 4th and 1, we had back to back possessions, where we ran the ball on 1st down for 5 and 6 yards respectively. On both possessions, we ran some flat pass to the a wide out on 2nd down, both times the play lost yards, making 3rd and long, and of course we cant convert. Why can’t we be happy to run the football down their throat, ESPECIALLY when we have been doing it all game. In order to win you have to take what they give you, sure I would like to have a fancy pants passing game, but more than that, I want to win. And what happened to TJ Hammonds after he went 65 yards for a score, they did not have anyone that could keep up with him, why did he not get another touch. Lets try to do what works instead of trying to practice what we cant do during they game.

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I thought playcalling lost the game. If the defense is on the field a lot, the offense better be scoring.

The only thing I didn’t think we did was take advantage of play action we had them thnking run and never tried to use the middle of the field which is open anytime the LBs are expecting run and we never tried AFTER we established the run.,Storey threw an Int over the middle early on and I don’t think we ever tried again and to me that is not taking advantage of opportuntires and that has to be corrected.

RazorMac you echo my thoughts. We could have pounded that undersized front of their’s into submission, but we chose to throw them a life line. I was also disappointed that we didn’t hammer down with the big back, Maleek Williams, a single time. I also agree with youdaman that play action passes over the middle would have been much more effective than the horizontal passing plays that ended in lost yardage. It would appear that perimeter blocking is not something this team does well.

I think they will take what the defense gives. If they see the safeties crowding the box, as CSU did at times, then they will take shots. No doubt, Joe Craddock calls plays, with help from Chad Morris.

I would think the offense playbook is limited when one QB is not accurate enough to throw some routes and when the other QB is too slow to make the reads and slow of foot. The defense didn’t respect either QB.

CSU kept their safeties back except in a few situations on third and short. However, they were setting up within 10 yards of the LOS. I was screaming for us to keep running the ball because that defense was meant to take away the passes up to 10-12 yards, and outside rushing. It was weak against runs between the tackles and on longer passes off play action.

The running game was hurting them enough to make their safeties start taking a step in on some running downs in the second half, and I think that’s what helped Hammonds break the long TD off the shovel pass, the safety had cheated in and could not get the correct angle to cut off the play. I don’t think they really walked their safeties up more than a couple of steps all night.

My problems with the play calling in the second half was the lack of will in running the football, not the pass play calling. I think at some point in that game in the second half we needed to say we are going to run it on third and fourth down, because we don’t think you are good enough to stop us from making a first down if we go four downs.

I do not think play calling was an issue. I thought not running the plays correctly was the issue. I know QBs did not throw to the right receivers in some situations. You could tell that Chad Morris was upset with his QBs on several plays. Now you can object to not going for it on fourth and inches in the fourth quarter. Maybe that’s play calling.

I know there are fans who think they can call plays better than the coaches. It’s not video game stuff. There are issues with every situation and every player that only the coaches have and that factors into what they call. We don’t get that benefit.

When they work, great. When they don’t, it was a bad call. I don’t play that game because I understand that very seldom do I have the information to call the play. And almost no one sitting in the stands or watching on TV has that information. Still, it’s what makes it fun to be a fan. I just understand the difference.

I know the benefits of a no back set, but I’m not crazy about emptying the backfield on 3rd and less than 5. I saw this once, maybe twice in the second half. We did all that work establishing the run early on, why not use that to your advantage on 3rd and medium? I’m fine with calling a pass play in that situation, but keep the tailback in the backfield so there is at least the threat of a run, and then he can help with pass pro. Just my $.02

Then again, there’s probably a reason no one is paying me to call plays.

The only bad play call I saw (besides the decision not to go for it on fourth down) was the decision to empty the backfield on that third-and-4 after two Whaley runs had netted six yards. Third-and-4 is short enough that the run is still a possibility, but when you empty the backfield, the defense has only one target–the QB. He’s either passing or taking off on his own. Kelley was a dead duck.

Great offenses don’t let the defense tell them what they can run.They run routes to make the defense react to what they do! make them communicate and more times than not they are going to blow a coverage but to throw everythng horizontal or deep is not taking what the defense gives you.We were not taking advantage of the middle when they went into Tampa covergae it has nothing to do with a Video game every team runs those type routes and if we cant complete a 10-12 yd pass right in front of you then we are in big trouble.

we just had to keep the chains moving the other night and then get back to pounding them with the run but we threw the ball out wide and we very rarely ever get much out of that. I think he got scared with that INT early in the game and played it very conservatively definently not hammer down full tilt boogie.

I agree that second guessing is an easy thing to do, especially when its play calling. After the play has failed it is easy to say why didn’t you call something else. And I do get that this offense is suppose to be spread offense where we spread the ball out, distribute to several players to keep the defense off balance. BUT, we have got to establish some continuity somehow, someway. Find what works and pour the coal to it. Hopefully Story just had a bad game throwing, and we will see higher completion rates come Saturday, I just want to keep our 35 yard punter off the field.

I’m always interested to see someone use stats (except when they use the wrong stats). Perhaps you were going low to emphasize your point. Bauer averaged 38.2 against CSU. They did keep one of the punters off the field and that might continue.

I knew there were a couple of short punts, it seems to me like I have seen the return man running up to field our punts quite often this year, and another consideration is that a 38 yard punt in Fort Collins, Colorado is a 35 yard punt in Fayetteville, AR.

I don’t buy it, and i hate this line of reasoning, I am not a plumber but i can do several plumbing jobs. I am not the playcaller for any school yet just like I am not a plumber i don’t have to be to see that you should do something different. The RPO quick game should have been used on 1st down imo, if you are going to go away from the run game.

Again I am not a playcaller and I can’t see all 22 but I am pretty certain based on flow that Kelley missed reads on the 2, 3rd and longs. He definitely left a clean pocket that caused the sack, but both of those situations are what the playcalling led us to imo, and that is not what we want to be in.

I thought when they emptied the backfield that they might be running a draw play with the qb, which I think would have been a good play.

It might have been, but I think he would have been “dead in the water” because that is not an unusual play for the spread teams. I think the linebackers would have been ready. But we’ll never know.

Sounds like play complexity is an issue that reflects the team understanding of system intention. I know tempo sucks and has to frustrate Coach and all other coaches involved. We look to be headed for John McKay type reminiscences.