PK 80 Phil knight Invitational

We have a chance to make some noise in November!

PK80- Phil Knight Invitational will be a two-tournament men’s college basketball event held in Portland, Oregon honoring Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight for his 80th Birthday and in recognition of his significant contributions to collegiate basketball. Sixteen college teams will participate in what will be the best collection of college basketball teams in one event, at a single site, in the history of the sport.

ESPN and the Rose Quarter will host one of the largest regular season tournaments in college basketball history with games taking place in both the Moda Center and the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The event will consist of two brackets of eight teams, with each bracket limited to one team per conference. Games will be played on Thursday, November 23; Friday, November 24; and Sunday, November 26. Stay tuned for the bracket announcement and game schedules.

Our page within the list of teams

I’m looking forward to it

Wish this tournament was late December when the freshmen have logged some experience. In November, this tournament will be about who is returning the most starters. Fortunately, tgecway Mike totaled his lineups, we can say we are returning three starters in Thomas, Macon, Barford and four if you add Beard.

I wish they were going to Spain again in August, but we have to wait three more years for that.

I think Trey Thompson, Thomas, Macon, Barford and Beard will be starting. All 5 will have plenty of playing experience and all 5 will be Seniors. Gaffords won’t be expected to score so he could mesh quick enough to be ready for this tournament. CJ Jones is who i am more worried about stepping up.

I believe the first game this fall that will be the starting lineup, I think CMA will have a different lineup by the time conference season starts. I believe he will have at least two starting lineups in this tourney.

Gafford will start. He’s a beast.

I agree that’s the lineup that probably starts on game 1. CMA usually doesn’t start freshmen right off the bat unless it’s like a Bobby Portis talent or we’re shorthanded like we were in 15-16. I do think CJ Jones ends up starting sooner or later. He’ll probably replace Beard in the lineup. Then I also think it’s a good chance Bailey replaces Thomas in the starting lineup as well.

And I know a lot of people think Gafford will be a starter, but I just don’t think he will beat Trey out his freshman year. People forget how good Thompson was to close the season. He was arguably the key component in us turning the season around. IMO, he’s the 3rd most important returning player behind Barford and Macon. Plus, big men have the hardest time transitioning from high school to college. I believe Kingsley was rated about the same as Gafford and it took him 2 years to really find his groove. It’s just hard going from being the biggest and tallest player in every high school game to then playing guys that are just as big and tall, plus they are much stronger. If Gafford gives us around 20 mpg and something like 6 points, 7 rebounds, and 2 blocks his first year I think that will be a great sign he’s going to be a good big man.

I’ll be great if we get invited. One team per conference, perhaps long shot?

We have already been invited as well as Florida. With 16 teams they have to split it into 2 brackets and only one team per conference per bracket.

Sounds terrific! Thanks for clarification. So all we have to do now is mold the old and new players together and give it a shot. I am happy and excited for the invitation.

I agree but think we might have trouble pressing very much at guard during the early part of the season. We lost 2 valuable guards that averaged 20-30 minutes per game which will have to be replaced. CJ Jones, Glasper and Garland will be needed in a big way but they have very little to zero game experience in our press. I’m just guessing but our numbers at the 4 could allow us to go big if needed with 3 forwards and 2 guards (Trey, Thomas, Bailey with Macon and Barford). Thomas and Cook should improve in the off season at the 4. Bailey could be a beast if he improves at the 4, so that gives us 3 solid players at the 4. Gaffords will have to back up Trey and possibly play with Trey at times. Gaffords will get plenty of minutes behind Trey to develop his game.

Garland listed at 6’6, Hall listed at 6’7, both with athleticism and both have handles and can shoot. Been told both have a midrange. Just from what I’ve seen listed about these two, I don’t understand everyone’s reluctance to pencil them in at the SF (in my opinion a position of need that we’ve been missing, Qualls was the only one I saw here). These guys are basically oversized guards that can excel next year with Macon and Barford. When teams run the 3 guard lineup (3 players 6’5 and below) we have an advantage. When teams go big and have a 6’7/6’8 SF in the lineup (Dustin Thomas as an example), these two are quicker and can get around them. Plus with their length they can defend the bigger guys. I understand them “learning to play defense,” but you have to expect them to play. If we land Smith, I see him in the rotation at the 3.

You’ve made me think about this a bit differently because of this response. Thank you for the insight.

In his year-end wrap up, Mike compares Garland to Huery. He is absolutely right. Those who have watched Parkview games have seen that baseline move quite often. Also this kid is excellent in open court. He can shoot the three, but has to be open. I see him as a perfect 3 in Mike’s system. That is why I have penciled him as a starter by mid-season along with Trey, Dustin, Jaylen and Darryl.