PJ, you'll appreciate this

The Pulse column at The Athletic took note of Chelsea’s sacking (love that word) of manager Graham Potter. Which makes him the second Chelsea manager to get sacked this season.

So, you ask, who is the American equivalent of Chelsea’s combination of chaos, power, wild fluctuations between success and failure and a boatload of money going to coaches who have already been fired?

Easy. Auburn football!

Bunch of stuff here about UConn as well.

Comparison definitely fits. I am just depressed over Chelsea. Nothing is going right.

Thing about PL, teams go through cycle of greatness to contender to average. As long as it doesn’t get mediocre, there is always hope for next season.

I bet you are enjoying this season. They started out hot. Didn’t think they would stay hot.

You got that right! I would have been happy with UCL next year. Now I want the whole thing, and really it’s ours to lose. Even if they lose to City in a few weeks, they have a cushion. Of course one game could blow that cushion, but City can drop points too.


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