Pizza lovers

I agree on pineapple.

How in the world did they come up with Godfather’s in Arkansas? I’m not aware of a Godfather’s still open in the state. I liked them when they were here.

As far as chains, I’m a Pizza Hut guy.

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They are still around. There is one here in Fort Smith. I’ve only ever visited it one time in the last 10 years.

As for me I like Pizza Hut the best, but tend to go Dominos because it very close to me and has better deals. If I could find a good Chicago Style Deep Dish anywhere close, that would be my go to pie, but doesn’t seem to be one.

When I still lived in Arkansas, US Pizza was my go-to place.

I don’t think I’ve gone in a pizza place since I’ve been in NC, partially due to the pandemic. I have gone by to pick up a $5 pie at Little Caesar’s though.

@votan Gusano’s is in FS now on Phoenix Ave. and supposedly has Chicago style pizza, although I’ve never eaten there.

I don’t typically go to large chains. I do love Marco’s though

Fort Smith, Jonesboro, North LR

Big fan of the Gusano’s in Fort Smith. Really open layout, nice place to just hang out, and the patio is pretty nice.

I wasn’t aware they were still in the state. Still three locations and they’re No. 3 in Arkansas? Find that hard to believe.

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Love Gusano’s. I always get double cheese deep dish.

Have you tried Bariola’s in Rogers, RD? Good stuff!

Been there and tried it. They may call it chicago style pizza but it was a real disappointment when you’ve had real Chicago Style Deep Dish from Geno’s East in Chicago.

Godfather’s being number 3 does make you wonder how the survey was taken. I think I’ve been to maybe one or two in my life years ago. Personally, US Pizza and Gusano’s traditional crust for me.

Agreed! They got one called Dave’s Favorite that is my favorite too:

Creamy Alfredo Sauce with Olive Oil & Roasted Garlic, Fresh Spinach, Fajita Chicken, Anaheims, Jalapenos, Spicy Tomatoes, and Yellow Squash, Baked with Mozzarella, Parmesan, Feta, and Pepper Jack Cheeses

Have not but definitely will now.

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Shotgun Dan’s in Sherwood, AR is the best I’ve had. They are also in Little Rock and NLR. Don’t know if they have any more in Arkansas. Seems expensive, but their Pizzas are absolutely loaded. Their small is more than enough to fill up 2 hungry men.

I love Shotgun Dans but Megan isn’t a fan. So guess what? We don’t go lol.

I’m guessing that the selections for this “poll” were limited to National or large regional chains of “a certain size”, and Godfather’s is big enough nationally to be on that list, while some of the other choices that Arkansans prefer are not.

Just speculation, but that would explain the inclusion of Godfathers with just 3 Arkansas locations.

Beer is ice cold too. :sunglasses:

Boy Richard, you just took a hit in my book :wink: (I am sure that bothers you! LOL). I totally detest Pizza Hut. There are a few worse, Little Caesars and Eureka Pizza are, but would have to pay me to go eat Pizza Hut pizza!

I like Larry’s Pizza a lot (small chain, stated in Little Rock, we have one in Conway). Back in the day I liked Pizza Inn, but haven’t eaten at one in at least 15 years. One of my all time favorites was “Mr. Gatties” (that may not be spelled right). There was one on Rodney Parham that I ate at a LOT back in the early to mid 80’s.

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It is pretty good, IMO. I work not to far from the one in Sherwood, so we go once in a while. There lunch special is pretty good.

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Love Larry’s too. I use to eat a lot of Pizza Inn when they had numerous locations in central Arkansas.

I think Mr. Gatti’s was one of the first restaurants to have big TVs for sports. Several friends and I use to have fake IDs in HS and we would go every Monday night for two-for-one pitcher night. I think it was that but if not it was very cheap beer. That’s when my mom was on nights so I was able to go and have a few pitchers and eat pizza.

Of course myself and my buddies were irresponsible and drove home. It’s uber for me anytime I have a few now.