Pittman's comments on coordinator search

Why would Pittman be concerned for the school we would be hiring the DC from?


Was about to ask the same thing.

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If it were reversed they wouldn’t be worrying about us , that’s for sure


I cannot fathom his line of thinking here. This is big time football… but again shows we really don’t have the stomach for it.

Good thing we keep cashing those SEC checks, amirite?

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I surprised Sam made that comment about that.


Maybe he is taking someone from Georgia or Alabama staffs

That would be even more concerning. Why be worried about UGA or Bama losing recruits?

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Personally, I commend CSP. He’s a very thoughtful and considerate person and coach. Always aware of the possible impact(s) of his word choice and actions. Both short and long term. In the case of timing the announcement of the DC hire, don’t want to win the battle and lose the war within the coaching fraternity. Also, perhaps the new DC desires a delayed announcement for many possible reasons.
UA…Campus of Champions


that is what I am thinking… the DC has asked for discretion.


So in life, in business, in sports, winning is all that matters. Lie, cheat, demean, destroy, ‘WHATEVER IT TAKES’ to win. No ethical or moral consideration is important, only winning. Dog eat dog world, is that how you want our future to be? “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Often attributed to Gandhi. A vicious world, one where a Stalin or Mao, is accepted, where get him before he gets you is the guiding thought is a dark place for the vast majority of the inhabitants. The first philosopher I became familiar with once wrote, “the ancestor of every action is a thought”, (Emerson). His thinking lines up with my belief that mental creation always precedes physical creation and it also fits in the framework laid out in ‘Mans Search for Meaning’ (Viktor Frankl). I think Coach Sam Pittman does his best to live his life in a way consistent with this pattern. I prefer his way.


I will wait to see the impact on recruiting….

But I’m not so sure the hiring of Hampton moved the needle one way or the other on any recruit for Arkansas or Tulane… but we will see on the 21st…

Whether it’s right or wrong I’ll let others decide, but Pittman and Willie Fritz are really close going back to their college days at Pittsburgh State. I think that may have something to do with it.

I have no doubt you’re right. I’m sure auburn and aTm would show the same respect if the tables were turned

It didn’t stop Beamer from hiring Loggins and some of our recruits are visiting USC-e this weekend


Sam said they weren’t in Baltimore to interview Maryland DC Brian Williams. So who are we recruiting or offered in that area?

That’s the one and only reasonable explanation for the comment, which should have been left unsaid.

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Kid from Pitt who is on campus now - he’s from Maryland.

exactly. In fact, I think Sam’s integrity & empathy is what makes him so popular with players & those around him. That might hurt some in the short run, but pays dividends in the long run.


If you are a stand-up LB/DE hybrid, ala Drew Sanders, you do not want Pittman to hire a traditional 4-3 guy. Base scheme matters a lot. I am betting the LBs have been told that Pittman will not hire anyone who shifts the scheme away from funneling everything to the LBs. That is what got those guys on board to begin with.