Pittman Revisionism

I think it is funny that according CBB now that Sam Pittman is gone suddenly what he did was crap and we have to go another way. In other words we lost our best recruiter and now we have to go with a different level of recruit.
I am sorry, but Coach Pittman brought us and coached up Kirkman, Tretola, Skipper, Ragnow, and Wallace. He breathed new life into Cook and Smothers and raised their games to much higher levels. He recruited nationally on a level that has not been seen here before. Yes there were a few misses, but that happens at every position at every school.
I think there are more than a few sour grapes in this new found sense of O-Line play. Under Anderson I like Heinrich, although I believe Pittman gets primary credit for him, and Wagner looks very promising. But I would like to see A LOT more quality from Anderson before I start acting like Pittman was a problem and he is a breath of fresh air.
I am almost positive if Pittman had not wanted to leave, CBB would be singing his praises for all to hear and our offensive line would not have crashed and burned last season.
Pittman, Partridge, Shannon, Lunney and Smith are the only super recruiters CBB has had. When Pittman and Shannon left, each time he subtly and not so subtly indicated that they really weren’t all that and we were going to be much better off with their replacements and we have not been. Not at all.
I like and support CBB and think he is a good honest man. But the way he handles these situations has a slight sense of hurt feelings and an attempt to rewrite history. Pittman was an excellent coach and recruiter. The proof is there for all to see if one just looks and doesn’t buy into the spin control.

I guess I missed CBB saying what Pittman did was a crap. When was that and is there a link?

Did you read Clay’s article?

Part of the story is that Pittman recruited highly rated offensive linemen and did not sign very many of them. Cannot afford to go without adequate numbers.

CBB took the entire offensive line to Pittman’s house to try and get him to change his mind. Didn’t work but THAT tells volumes about what he thought of him at the time. I hope Anderson turns out to be better, but Pittman is “going great guns” at Georgia recruiting and coaching. Anderson has a long way to go. JMVHO

There was an alternative version of this (or maybe this is the alternative) that the players wanted to appeal to Sam and CBB went with them. Not sure that CBB wanted to retain a man who was clearly not wanting to work hard enough to do what needed to be done. Clearly, there was a rub between Pittman and someone, maybe Enos, on the offensive side of things. Enos was installing an offense that was designed to go win games, vs “not lose.”

I was not on this board at the time, and those who would know may be able to confirm the validity of the post I am quoting (which would make my version the alternative). There is a big difference in (a) HC taking players to the assistant coach to try and retain him vs (b) players wanting to see the position coach and the HC accommodating (especially when the position coach was wanting to steal away without a goodbye).

Coach Pittman recruited several top offensive lineman and certainly gets full credit for the success the offensive line had during his time here

But it also gets the blame - as well as his head coach - for the rest of the signees that have not flourished and for not signing more.

So it’s not revisionism, it’s reality.

I really like and respect Coach Pittman. I think he is a great coach.

But just as his O-line at Georgia struggled this year with someone else’s recruits, so did Kurt Anderson with the recruits that Pittman left here.

Although Froholdt and Raulerson were added to the mix - not sure who’s decision it was on Froholdt to move to the OL

Its the thing to do at Arkansas
Be in love with the coach…be it HC or Asst while they are here
Trash them when they leave

Have seen it with Ford…Nutt…Petrino
Tracy Rocker
etc etc…on and on

in the future itll happen again

I was actually talking with Dan Skipper when he got the call from Coach B telling him that Coach Pittman was leaving. He was working as a bouncer at George’s Majestic Lounge.

He then organized the OL and the guys went to talk with Coach Pittman to try and get him to stay.

I don’t remember any massive segment trashing Rocker, Washburn, Burns or Ford.

Herring was getting grief when he was here from his own actions on and off the field and didn’t care.

Nutt as well, but he certainly cared and tried to change the narrative and it only got worse.

It was a minority on Petrino until the Cotton Bowl , but especially after he hit the ditch.

Doesn’t make any of them bad coaches, but many of them had their flaws.

But was I have said many times, we are not TMZ.

First, I am the one who inserted (in parentheses) Sam Pittman’s name. Bret did not. But it’s clear to me that they signed a slew of players in the previous two years that have not produced in the O-line. Look through the roster. The first year, yeah, they got some. I do not think O-line recruiting was where it was needed to be in two of the three years that Sam Pittman was here. Did he make some mistakes on evaluations? Probably so. Jalen Merrick, Colton Jackson, Reeve Koehler, Josh Allen and several others have not been able to produce. Allen is gone. I do not think Sam coached up Brian Wallace, as you said. If he had, he would have been ready to play last spring, right? It was four games into the season when I saw Wallace as a regular in the lineup. Kurt Anderson got him ready. He’d had two years with Sam Pittman, right?

As Dudley mentioned, Dan Skipper organized the player trip to Sam’s house. I bet if you ask Dan now who helped him the most as far as coaching, he’d tell you Kurt Anderson. Dan’s technique was not really solid in his first three years. He spent a lot of time laying on the ground. Not so much this season. I do not think Dan is a great left tackle, but he survived there with a little better technique as taught by Anderson. If he makes it in the NFL, it will probably because of the technique he learned under Anderson.

I enjoyed being around Sam Pittman. Don’t know why he hit a lull recruiting at Arkansas, but he did. He knew they were out of players. I talked to him during the bye week his last year. I wanted to know who would be playing in the offensive line this season. He was clear that they would be in trouble if Denver Kirkland left. He didn’t think he would, but said that is something they would have a tough time absorbing. He said they were definitely short one player in the offensive line. Someone would have to be brought in to play guard. He didn’t see anyone on the roster who could play it. That’s the spot filled by Hjalte Froholdt. At that point, Froholdt wasn’t in the picture. He thought Brian Wallace could possibly fill another spot. He was hopeful of signing a BIG junior college player (someone like Tretola in the 330-340 range) to fill another guard spot. He said they just had not had enough “hits” in recruiting to put a solid SEC line on the field.

But, the key was to get Brian Wallace going. He said he had not figured it out at that point, and that was a surprise. And, he mentioned four or five that just had not been able to play at the SEC level despite having athletic ability and size. He had not been able to coach them up, so to speak. He said that was evaluation in recruiting.

I know this is a message board built for discussion and this is the off season, where idle and sometimes empty minds have need for stimulation, but for the life of me, it seems like discontent and the like is multiplying like rabbits. If there is not enough discord on one subject, just hang around and a new topic pops up to harangue the coaching staff, moderators or somebody else. I, for one, think we can do better or hope we can.


I know this is a message board built for discussion and this is the off season, where idle and sometimes empty minds have need for stimulation, but for the life of me, it seems like discontent and the like is multiplying like rabbits. If there is not enough discord on one subject, just hang around and a new topic pops up to harangue the coaching staff, moderators or somebody else. I, for one, think we can do better or hope we can.

Oh how true Keith! The one positive that has come from that though, is it takes me just a few minutes to catch up with all meaningful Razorback news and discussions. It’s nice of “those” posters to make their subject lines “self-evident” so there’s no reason to click on the thread. Yes I know I clicked on this thread, but it was because I saw Clay had contributed as a poster.

Hopefully, baseball and spring football will bring a change for the better to the board. For now, it’s a great board to come to for current information from Clay, Dudley, Davenport, Jimmy, and Matt.

It’s pretty clear that when it came to replacing OL this year the cupboard was bare. It is entirely possible that CBB liked Pittman, wanted to keep him, etc., but his feeling that their approach to recruiting OL was, in retrospect, not fruitful. It is possible that, at the time, he deferred to Pittman’s approach to recruiting even though his preferred approach would have been different. I see it as him just looking back at history and saying he should have stuck to his guns and recruited the ‘blue collar’ guys, instead of the ‘stars’ guys. He’s now saying they are going back to that approach and he believes more than ever that that will produce better results when it is time for those recruits to become starters.

As we have realized, it is different recruiting to Arkansas vs. Georgia. Pittman may not have changed his philosophy but it works better at a place that has had some success and has a track record. We do not, so maybe Pittman’s philosophy did not work here as well. I think all CBB was saying is that they need to go back to ‘blue collar’ recruiting because we, unlike other schools, can’t afford to miss as much. Don’t think he was throwing Pittman under the bus, but that’s just my take.

I think he’s a great guy, a great recruiter, but an average OL coach. His Oline at UGA this past year got embarassed regularly. The deepest stable of RB’s in the SEC couldn’t run the ball effectively. Do I wish he were still here? Wish in one hand &…