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He seemed like he wasn’t happy with all of our lateral runs in first half. Made a point to say we needed to go inside. We had the advantage in size. Reading between lines I think he wasn’t happy with first half playcalling.


yeah neither was I! we were blocking them straight ahead which keep the LB’s in the box and opens up play action…way too many E-W plays for about 1-2 yds,very vanilla play calling 1st half,got better when we started running right at them.

I was not happy with play calling. The only people who could possibly have liked the play calling were the Rice head coach, Chad Morris and Houston Nutt-during his last few years here, not the first few when he called a good game



Watched it a second time. He says “We talked about adjustments by our coaching staff. Have to look in the mirror when things are going wrong. Can’t say, oh well he dropped a pass…he did this, he did that. That’s coaching. We talked about running the ball up the gut. We were trying to get the ball outside too much. They had more speed and not size. We talked about running right at em.”


tje first KJ score reminded me of the Calcagni draw design for the epic Orange Bowl, but that was not a KB design just an improv… Seemed like best plays were improv

I too have doubts about our playcalling. Actually our hurryup seems to hurt us more than help.
QB sneak for 1/2 yd, maybe 1 yd but not 2 (I know it is easy to criticize now).
Trey Burks is great but a big runner is much easier to tackle from the side as he runs laterally. He is fast but not blazing, and teams will always watch him first. Get him in one on one situations!
We have many other receivers, use them.

I don’t think this is the first time Coach Pitt has been upset over playcalling, but I have a feeling it should be the last.

Always the play calling :roll_eyes:

I just thought they only were being vanilla and didnt have the concentration that was needed. I wasnt really worried, even when we were behind by 10. I figured, they would come around. First game jitters.

The QB sneak was a head scratcher. But in the first half blocking/execution was my biggest concern. It got better in the 2nd half. Lots of work to do still.

I’m thinking Briles didn’t quite realize how far we were from the first down when he called the sneak.

Running at them was what we needed. It is hard to do that with our undersized first team running back. He runs 20 yards to get 3 . We need the next two backs playing more. They can run 5 and get 5.

That’s where the football team needed a Vanover.

Clay, Dudley or Matt, did anyone ask Pittman if we went for the late TD to cover the spread? I’m still a bit gobsmacked that in some circles it’s common knowledge that coaches do that.

I thought it was definitely a called play. KJ looked right, paused enough to allow the safety to move that direction, then darted through a hole made by the line. If it was not a called play, I would be surprised.

This quote from Pittman terrifies me. If Rice has more speed than us, then we are in for a long year because that means every SEC team we play and Texas will have more speed.

I don’t think Sam was saying Rice had more speed than us. I think he was saying they were small, and to be diplomatic, he said they had speed on the outside we needed to get away from by running up the middle on offense. Could be wrong but that’s how I interpreted it.

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I think that’s right. I think he meant they were faster than they were strong. So why not run right at them.

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