Pittman offers Erin Outley

Story https://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019/dec/20/lr-parkview-junior-becomes-pittmans-first-state-of/

Looks like O’Grady hopefully without the auto destruct character issues.

Kids is awesome. Stud.

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I’ve seen him in several games and camps now and am a fan of this offer.

LR Parkview sophomore TB James Joiner was offered by the previous staff and I expect to be be offered by this.

Junior DT Jared Summons, Bobby Portis’ brothers is 6-5, 290 and another Parkview standout to keep an eye one.

QB Landon Rogers as well.

great looking kid! C J OGrady type with hopefully a better head on his shoulders

Won’t be the case here. Great kid.

how do we look for the QB…kid is a stud!

Elite arm but has to get way better with accuracy. Very inconsistent.

I’m sure they will evaluate.

oh ok,kid has tremendous potential!

Probably the strongest arm I’ve seen in a long time.

well that and he can really run! Mallett with much better speed,I would offer him is a sec! work on his accuracy but he displays great touch on some of those throws on his highlights.I put a post about him and a link to his highlights,

His touch comes and goes. When he does connect it’s a thing of beauty but when he doesn’t, it’s not even close.

Wow hard to believe! Needs to go to Manning’s camp

Huge hands. Like him a lot. And as you mention huge arm.