Pittman news conference updates

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We have some physical players on this team. Jalen Catalon shouldn’t have played in the Ga. game but he did. I am sure at the Ole Miss game he was still feeling the Ga. game but he played anyway. Wagner is another playing with injuries. Team mirrors their coach. Proud of their efforts to play and give it their all.


I don’t believe that Wagner played against OM. He had been playing hurt in the previous few games.

Yes, we are a good physical football team……do we need to improve……certainly.

Wagner did not play at OM according to the official participation chart. Clearly with 676 yards offense he wasn’t greatly missed.

Wagner did not play at Ole Miss. He did at Ga and had a bad game. SP referenced he had hand / finger injury that required surgery last week. I suspect his play was influenced by the injury ( the Ga defense and crowd were factors too).

I’m told Wagner injured his finger in the Georgia game and played through it.

IMO Clary has better feet than Wagner and just as good in the run game so I actually think we are better with Clary.

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Matt, do you remember the injury Wagner had before the TAM game. when he was questionable ? Was that his back issue?

I was told he injured his back during the Georgia Southern game.

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