Pittman: LB Hayden Henry a 'throwback' player

“He’s kind of a wild-eyed, kind of a crazy kid, in a good way,” Sam Pittman said Thursday.

When I replayed the Ole Miss game Hayden stood out. Great to see him recognized.

He just plays so fearlessly and looks for contact. Loves the kind of plays that make people cover their eyes because they know a big collision is coming.


I have been amazed at how well our linebackers have played .I thought we didn’t have a chance in the world to stop anybody with the linebackers we have but they had shown you what hard work and tape study will do for you. Keep up the good work guys


Well, we’ll have a great LB test on the road in Texas next week. The Aggs are a legit national #7. They did a really nice job against Florida (who blasted Ole Miss on the road). Each game is different but the Aggs are playing well now.

Sad to think Henry is already a senior - how fast that seemed to happen,

Yes this will be a huge test, we are facing an OL that is very athletic and well coached that get to the next level very quickly, I expect a lot of 4 man front to try to protect them.

I am also expecting an extra lineman to be used in the front. But they may just bring Foucha down. I saw that in short yardage the last two weeks.

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Thus far the Hogs have played 2 of the SECs top 5 running backs (#s 4 and 5). There’s a huge difference in #1 and #2 and the rest of the league. This week we get our chance against #2 (Spiller). Like #1 Harris at Bama, Spiller is powerfully built and fast - as Yoda noted, playing behind a strong OL. My concern is really TAMUs balance; strong running game, solid receiving corp, and a mobile QB. Tough combo to defend.

I do like Foucha up near the line; he does have radar on the ball.

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