Pittman lands McGhee

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WOW…huge win

Wow, that is impressive

Interesting he has only played football for two years. Think there is a lot of upside here. Nice speed.

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Heckuva pickup over the holiday break.

Great player to add. Huge upside.
Go Hogs. We need this kind of speed in big guys.

Ugh, when I try to read this, then my getting that stupid fake-Amazon scam again, like we did a year or two ago


Try now.

Kid has a lot of potential! Big strong and Athletic… 4.6 40 is awesome! glad to have him!!

Like the potential of this kid and really like knowing that high school coach has a connection with Pittman.

Little side story if you have time to read. This story is about a basketball player but it illustrates the importance of college coaches having a good relationship with high school coaches.

Several years ago there was a high school basketball coach who had this 6’1” senior guard who got no offers from any level and the coach thought the kid might develop so he called a college coach that he had a relationship with and recommended the kid. The college coach told him he did not have any scholarships left but he would take the kid as a walk on and put him on work study as a manager and if the kid developed he would put him on scholarship. That kid grew to 6’3” over the summer and was impressive enough that he was put on scholarship at the start of his second semester. Furthermore that kid had developed to the point that he got some playing time and ended up as a starter before that year was over and was a starter the rest of his career. In fact this walk on was selected ALL CONF his final two years. To make a very long story short that 6’1” senior that no one offered actually grew to 6’8” and had the wingspan of a 7 footer. He also played 17 years in the NBA, 7 ALL STAR GAMES, ALL STAR MVP 1, six time NBA Champion and was one of the best defensive players of all time and inducted into the NBA HALL of FAME in 2010. This 6’1” high school senior was Scotty Pippen.

This story illustrates why evaluation of a high school senior is not exactly a science and it illustrates why having a connection with high school coaches is so important.


Great story