Pittman: Hornsby's role is at QB moving forward

Sam Pittman said Monday that Malik Hornsby earned Arkansas’ backup QB job last Saturday.

The two met Monday morning, and Hornsby wants to continue to grow at the position. So that is where he will stay moving forward. Here is more from the most interesting stretch of Pittman’s press conference today:

Glad to see this. Playmakers need to touch the ball asap. Hornsby is to me, a smaller version of Matt Jones . Jones was not technically solid but he was fast enough and good enough passer to play the QB position. His true position was receiver but he did not want to play that. He played in games better than he practiced and you could not script or practice for what he did in game time. Need some more Love Potion #9.

Seems to me the main thing Hornsby needs to do is protect the football. I think his short passes will improve with practice.

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