Pittman, Hogs searching for jolt on special teams

Wrote this yesterday and forgot to post it here. Plain and simple, Sam Pittman wants to begin to see a big play or two on special teams. To this point in the season, the Razorbacks have nine combined punt and kickoff return yards:

This area must improve dramatically.we are inches away from getting every Xpoint and FG blocked not to mention our punts.

I believe our special teams is the result of our general low level of top athletes. As observed on the fake field goal versus Ole Miss, we had a non-starter on the end. We probably played the non-starter to give the starters a rest. But, the special teams end didn’t cover the end angle and caused a huge, critical play for the bad guys. In fact, the biggest play for Ole Miss.

Sure we’re looking for big offensive plays, but our problems with Special teams goes both ways.

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