Pittman having 23 commitments for '23 class

He said this during Wednesday’s PC.

“Well, I think a lot. The new legislation from the NCAA has taken dead period to that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday after the Missouri game. So basically before, coaches went out the Sunday after your last regular season game. You went into homes, you did all those things. I think with the portal in existence now I’m on the AFCA board and that was one of my recommendations, that you better stay home and figure out who you’re going to have on your own team before you go out … because you don’t know how many numbers you’re going to have to be honest with you. So we’re going to stay in those four games and make sure who’s going to be on the team next year and who’s not. And then I still believe that if you don’t see the kids every week that you possibly can that you’ve got problems. So I’ll make my rounds to all 23 of them that are committed now. And the coaches will be in there and out every week. We’ll probably start really concentrating on the 2024 class as far as going to schools of those guys - you know you can’t talk to them but going to their high schools - probably starting more into January.”

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Any hints about how the numbers will work out? Will we sign 25 or save any spots for the portal?

I think they’ll get who they want and worry about the numbers later.


Class looks good. Most services seem to like them.But it depends on who manage to make it to campus, get on the playing field and actually contribute. Seen a lot of future stars ride the bench most of their college years.

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