Pittman Goes Off on Fan Who Insults his Integrity

Sam pulls no punches with a “know it all fan” who insults him.

Good for Sam!

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There are some fans we’d just be better off without. It’s one thing to scream from the stands or at the TV, but to so publicly & savagely attack the coaches & kids goes too far. I don’t blame CSP for reacting. For his own sake, I’m not sure he should have, but I don’t blame him for it.

I am surprised at the number of fans who think all it takes to move the SEC is enough cussing, screaming, threatening and kicking stuff over by the coach or AD. Yet they are unable to point to an instance where such behavior has worked.

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Never doubt that Sam will support and take up for his players. I suspect there is a lot going on behind the curtains now. No way can the SEC come right out and say they were wrong . They can make strong moves behind the scenes. We may never know, but they are starting to feel the heat.

If Sam was to act like an ass (seems to be the word of the week), very little would get done. I doubt Catalon gets his half back, but he may be taking one for the whole of college football.

You have heard about Momma Grizzles. That is what Sam can be defending his players to a no account like this guy. Have at it Sam. Support you all the way on this one.

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Coach Pitman has all of the players back and his staff! There’s never a reason to doubt that. You can take it to the bank he is just as ticked off about the call against Catlon as anyone else is.
With the way our hogs have played this season with heart and fight until the final whistle no one has a reason to complain. We have a true rebuild in progress.


We couldn’t have a better “Man” at the helm than Coach Pittman. Knows how and when to address any and all issues with the team, with the admin, with the officials, and obviously with the fans.
Have to respect the dude for the mess he choice to jump into head first, then compound that with the way the SEC Officiating / Replay crews are screwing up either by design or ignorance.
I suppose the SEC brass saw him as the new kid on the block without any prior HC experience and his good ole boy attitude. He couldn’t or wasn’t supposed to resurrect a dying program like AR in his first season and going toe to toe with the SEC big boys. Especially after the brutal schedule they handed him right of the gate.
Way to go Coach


Palpable immaturity displayed the tweeter.

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Can someone refresh my memory as to who Landon Leach is? I know he’s not the guy Sam went off on, but I saw one of his tweets. The name sounds very familiar. Is he a former player?

What we need is better refs to call a game .Maybe from the big 10 or big 12. Anybody would be better than what we’ve had this year. Curls seems to take it out on the Razorbacks. Rawhide

You go on any fan boards in other conferences they’ll all be complaining about the refs and the replay process. It’s not just an SEC thing,

Eagle, I found this on 247Sports: Landon Leach is a Pro-Style Quarterback from Russellville, AR. He played for the Razorbacks 2003-2007.

Yeah it’s starting to come back to me. Did he ever get snaps in a game for the Hogs?

He never attempted a pass or carried the ball. I don’t know if he might have gotten some special team snaps as a holder or upback or something.

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