Pittman Genuine Communicator RECRUITING STAFF

Listening to Coach Pittman’s press conferences leaves one HUGE impression on me. He is truly an excellent recruiter. WHY? He genuinely took the time to listen to the questions from the media… then responded. Did not give us the rah rah BS that comes out of the mouth of many. He said the Hogs (he used the word US a lot) will work hard, play physical and compete…all things that did not happen under Chad Morris. Why? Our players did not believe in Chad Morris. They already believe in Coach Pittman. He is likable/engaging and comfortable in his own skin. He does not a self fulfilling egomaniac. In recruiting, that dog hunts everyday…all day long. In recruiting, when the recruits and families get past the rah rah stage. Then the best choice for the recruit will lead the way. Then real opinions are formed and real answers surface. And when recruits and their families get a true feel for Sam Pittman, it will be easy to say yes. And he said they were going to work hard in recruiting and make it hard for them to say no. That just works for me. We all know recruiting is of paramount importance. Former players going to the wall endorsing him means a lot to me. I cannot understand how anyone would think a coach like Lane Kiffin could out recruit Coach Pittman. That is just absurd to me. Ego or substance? Substance wins every time. Blue collar approach is fine with me.

IMO, SP will put together a good staff who will work together. I personally know and hope he keeps Barry Lunney, but, IMO, that should be Coach Pittman’s call. Coach Musselman did not have to keep Scotty Thurman and I thought that was intelligent that Hunter Yurachek did not require him to do that. I thought that might have been a mistake, but that was left to Coach Musselman. Coach Pittman will put together a good staff. WHY? He has seen it from the inside. Everyone pulling in the same direction. I am not technically educated enough in football X’s and O’s to know what shading the inside shoulder of the defensive tackle even means. But I am comfortable he not only knows what he is teaching, but he is a good teacher. I never cared what a coach knew, I cared what he could teach.

Hunter Yurachek, I really like what you have going on for our program. And to be perfectly honest, a lot of us fans were growing weary of all the bs that was being thrown around.

Life is always the proof is in the pudding. Sam Pittman basically said that. I am thinking we are going to like this pudding.

Your thoughts?

I meant to say Coach Pittman is not a self fulfilling egomaniac type personality. Let’s give this coach room to breathe here in Northwest Arkansas. Because he is one of us basically.

I think and hope you are right! In this age of 24/7 recruiting I hope that CSP hits it out of the park!