Pittman 'ecstatic' Yurachek will remain Hogs' AD

“That’s a man that practices what he preaches.”

Sam Pittman on Wednesday detailed what it means to him that Hunter Yurachek will remain Arkansas’ AD:

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It is pretty slick how Yurachek played the Auburn interest into a big raise from the U of A. His coaches will have free reign now to do likewise.

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Lol, what do you think they have been doing? Like Odom, Briles, Kennedy, Pittman, Musselman……


Earth calling Scientific Rocket…come in, Scientific Rocket…this is NOT a new practice that coaches are just now becoming aware of. It’s been going on for decades.

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I’m with scientific rocket. Yes, it’s been going on for decades. However, it gets old, especially with ticket prices skyrocketing and the continual increased donation level requirements.

ADs are like the government….spend, spend spend and ask for more money.

The main point isn’t whether you or I “like it”. OF COURSE we don’t like it (from the perspective of a FAN…if we were coaches, we probably would!).

I’m just pointing out that it’s ridiculous to blame Hunter for something that’s been the SOP for quite a while now.

And let me ask you this…if he had really turned down what Auburn reportedly ws offering…and stayed at Arkansas without a raise…do you REALLY think it would affect how 99% of the coaches would go about negotiating their contracts?

Sam is a one-off exception for a variety of reasons. And even he wanted (and DESERVED) a nice raise after his first 2 years here. But most have seen what goes on around them and understand that if they take the high road and don’t use other offers to their advantage (some times…not every time they could) they’d be doing themselves and their families a disservice.

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Isn’t that what teenagers say….But but but EVERYBODY does it.

We got 7 games for the same price as the 6 we had last year. I think my baseball and basketball were the same price as last year, too.

I guess it’s not excessive. People are still packing stadiums.

You pay to play. He has performed like a top 10 AD. A truly fantastic ambassador for Arkansas.


Let’s suppose you are selling your house and you know you have two really eager buyers. Are you going to stop them from raising their offers and getting into a bidding war?

Tell me who wouldn’t do that? I don’t know anyone.

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Everybody does it.

You guys crack me up. What a bunch of Pollyana’s. Anybody in any field uses interest from other companies or even other job openings as leverage to get raises.

By most of todays standards and SOP, Hunter didn’t demand or really get an excessive pay raise.

If anyone wants to know what Sam REALLY thinks about Hunter’s “leveraging his offer to get a raise”, listen to the man directly…from his own lips:

“That’s a man that practices what he preaches”

Keep in mind, that while he did get a raise (well earned, I’d think, based on what he’s done since he’s been at Arkansas), he still left a LOT of money on the table that he COULD have demanded and probably gotten.

is Sam considering a playoff beard???

How do you know that is what happened? “Playing” the Auburn interest for only an additional $250K when Auburn was going to pay more doesn’t seem like he played the leverage game very well.

Maybe he didn’t try to “play” but maybe the UA approached him…Maybe his bosses got wind of Auburn’s interest or maybe they asked for permission to speak with HY…maybe UA approached him and said before you consider Auburn give us a chance to put something out there for you to consider

Jimmy Sexton would never do that.


Only on days ending in Y.