Pittman earns pay raise

Pittman has pay raises written into his contract if he wins six, seven or eight games in a season. Yesterday’s win was worth a $250,000 pay raise and he will receive at least a $100,000 bonus for taking the Razorbacks to a bowl game.


I hope Coach gets to the 8 win mark after the Missouri game. He has earned his raise.


Great! well deserved!


He has earned every penny up to this point ! CSP is no doubt the best guy for Arkansas for the time being, he’s keeping it real, no BS just the facts. WPS

Very much deserved, hope he is our coach for a very long time.

The article says “raise” but is it truly a raise or a bonus? Just curious…

I’m almost certain it was a raise, which is MUCH better than a bonus. I believe that was put in his contract to make up for his low starting salary (for an SEC head coach). The bowl game was a bonus.

I think the article pretty clearly states that he will receive raises of $250,000 for each the sixth, seventh and eighth victories. The article also states he gets a bowl bonus of at least $100,000 in addition to the raises.

If he wins eight or more games in the regular season and Arkansas plays in a “group of six” bowl, he’ll receive a $750,000 raise and a one-time bonus of $150,000.

It’s a raise that goes in effect the next year, correct?

It takes effect by Jan. 1, 2022.

Reads March 1.

That is the offer letter. When he signed the contract it was rewritten to state that it would be payable on or before Jan. 1.

Ok, I don’t guess I’d seen that, not that it really matters much, thanks.

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Just curious…

When we say “raise” does that mean his base goes up that amount going forward?

Or is just a raise for this year, which would really make it a bonus?

We set the bar pretty low for raises. That is not a knock against Sam. I hope he is here until he retires but I am not interested in paying coaches 4 million (I know he is less than 4 now) a year for 6-7 wins per year then tanking at 2-10 and getting fired. If he doesn’t win 6 next year does he give the raise back? No. The only way to make this fair is to make anything over 3 million incentive based. The base would always be 3 million.

And you wouldn’t hire many coaches as an AD. Well, you probably would, since nobody with any track record would take the job, so you would constantly be hiring head coaches to replace your last bad hire. Yurachek was willing to pay $4.5M+ to a sitting P5 head coach, fortunately, or some may say, unfortunately, he didn’t even let us interview him.

My understanding is that if we finish 6-6, Sam’s base is $3.25M from here out. If we beat LSU, it becomes $3.5M. Etc.

Beef, that’s the way the coaching game is played. HY played it better than most by tying raises to actual performance, given where we’d been for the last five years, instead of overpaying from the get-go. Sam says this is his last job, but if somebody came in and offered $6M straight cash and he was at $3 plus incentives, he’d probably take it and I wouldn’t blame him.

In today’s NWADG;

Pittman pay
Coach Sam Pittman has locked in a salary increase of $250,000 next season based on the Razorbacks notching their sixth winSaturday, per the terms of his contract. That would take his salary to $3.25 million, which ranks 12th among the 13 SEC coaches working at public institutions, ahead of South Carolina’s Shane Beamer.
Pittman could trigger two more raises of $250,000 each this season if the Razorbacks can get a seventh and eighth win in the regular season. In addition, Pittman will receive a one-time bonus of at least $100,000 for leading the Razorbacks to bowl eligibility. That bonus would be $150,000 if Arkansas plays in one of the SEC’s “group of six” bowls: the Outback, Gator, Music City, Las Vegas, Texas or Liberty bowls.

If you think our current formula been a success then you are a terrible business man. I would not hand out $$$ like tic tacs for just winning 6-7 games in anyones base salary. Winning 6 games is nothing to get happy about (I don’t care how dark our past has been). If Sam won 9 or 10 plus a bowl game then give him 500k each for win 8 and 9 and 10 plus 500k for a bowl win but his base would stay 3 million. A 10 win season plus a bowl win would pay him 5 million. If he made the college playoff make it another million on top of that. Everybody is scared of change or to try something different. Sam wasn’t worried about the money. He would have accepted these terms. I would hire anyone I wanted because I would sell it to them as an opportunity. I would make the incentive pay scale more than the current base scale to attract top talent coaches with egos that believe in themselves.

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We get it
That’s what you would do