Pittman contract negotiation

Saw a tweet from Steve Sullivan earlier today on this subject, stating he hopes this will be finalized soon.

Anyone have any insight on how this is going? Any guesses on when this gets finalized?

I heard aubarn had to keep Harsin because CSP played them like a cheap fiddle and Gus Bussed them. :smile:


My intel says it should be taken care of soon and they are going to land in the middle.

We’ll see.

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We all know Sam’s character is mild mannered and he’s a good-hearted man/coach. And so is H.Y.
Nor do I want to see CSP be taken advantage of because of such. I’m thinking around 5 and a half a yr more or less. He’s worth it to UA and should get it.

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Which is what I’ve been expecting all along. I’m wondering if things were delayed a tad until they got HY’s new contract done.

I guessed that exact amount (plus good bonuses available) in the thread about HY’s recently passed raise. My reasoning was that $5.5M would result in the same percentage raise that HY received. They both have done excellent jobs and deserved the raises.

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Yes, that’s good sound and logical reasoning. Of course with incentives.

delayed a tad until they got HY’s new contract done.

I’m sure that’s probably spot on, there.

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