Pittman confirms: Catalon out for the year

Catalon will undergo shoulder surgery.

That’s just so sad.

I sure hate that. One of my favorite players all time.

Damn. Same injury as last year?

Not certain, but I think it’s the other shoulder

If you are right, then that is just unbelievable.

I just hate that for him. That may well keep him out of the NFL.

Yeah kid just cannot catch a break

I feel so bad for the kid. I hope that he can get a ton of money from the NIL. There should be plenty of opportunities.

Plus, he can concentrate on his studies for the next two years, maybe get an extra degree.


You are right about that…but let’s hope not. That will be my prayer. That he gets a shot at the NFL. Or, at LEAST the CFL, where being a tad undersized won’t count against him at all. he could player linebacker in the CFL, honestly.

But let’s hope for NFL. Make a check. get a contract. Help his family and himself. have a great life.

What a kid. My heart aches for him. He and Sasha G…two of my favorite Hogs ever…gone in a blink.