Pittman calling on fans

Congrats! Grandkids are so much better than your kids… I’ll 2nd the statement that granddaughters are special… I know mine had me within hours of her birth when her hand grabbed my little finger… pretty much never let that go … :slight_smile:

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Congrats Greg.
I have 3 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. They’re all special but I have to admit that Isla owns me.

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Getting back to OP, Sam tweeted today that he’ll come out 55 minutes before kickoff to greet the students who get there early.

Gotta love Sam!

Swine: Scottie’s new crew could use some part-time (at least) Razorback-step grandparents. The law probably doesn’t limit how many of those adoptive kids can have.

Oh yes it may be - couldn’t do it

But hey it’s 5:00 somewhere lol

Either way I hope the Arkansas crowd is loud - proud- inspiring- and effective


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Scottie is a great dad. I am sure his head is swimming. Zero to four is amazing.

Didn’t intend to get into Swine’s business. It was obvious he yearned for grandkids, and I was just trying to encourage him to not limit his concept of grandparenting to genetics. One can be an “extra-grandpaw, super-paw, God-grandpaw,” etc. to children of friends and family. Relationships can be just as strong and rewarding.

I wouldn’t say yearned. It would be nice to spoil them and send them home. I’ve learned not to worry about things I can’t control. And I can’t control my lack of grandkids. My brother has six grandkids but he only gets to see one of the six; the others’ parents have cut him out of their lives. That would be even worse.

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