Pittman at Coaches Convention

Did not see this posted but thought board would like to hear Pittman’s talk at Coaches convention.
Starts at 26:40 mark and at 42:00 particular reference to his approach which should be of interest. Well worth the listen as he is explaining being head coach to his peers and particularly assistant coaches.

It’s wonderful!

I loved seeing this and am I so excited for his leadership in the future. One interesting part is the story about an assistance that asked for a raise and coach told him to fulfill his contract and then ask for more money.I wonder what Hunter and Sexton think about that.

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All rules (and all records) are made to be broken. Ha.

I know that’s what Pittman and Sam think of that.

I know that things change.

There are things about coaching in here that I’ve never thought about like making changes in depth chart. Loved seeing the practice structure.

that was such a cool video

That was so cool. I kept saying to myself that this is our coach talking to them. He seems like such a good guy beside being a football coach. Hadn’t thought much about it, but I bet he is a good guy for which to work if you do your job, but woa be unto you if you don’t do your job. Probably goes to players as well,

Thoroughly enjoyed that, appreciate the link. I am so happy Sam Pittman is our football coach and for all the positive influence he has on a whole bunch of folks.

I am thinking that a lot of coaches sitting in that massive auditorium would like to work for Sam Pittman.


Thanks for the link. Great job by Coach. Was going to eat lunch late, but not this late. The hour just flew by.

That was good! Now I know for sure Sam was a great hire for us.

I even went to the new HC presser just to watch and listen. Notes to wives and for the players and coaches. You have got to listen.

Now this is probably the biggest thing I have ever said on HI. I gave up wanting to play in the bigs, but I soon learned that was not going to happen. So I decided to be a Head Coach. Or start in coaching. What happened to me was about as big as a blow that can happen to a kid.I went and asked a select few to give me an answer. The coaches at Northside told me unless your going to be a Lou Holtz coach you are going to have 2 jobs just to make ends meet. DON"T do it MIKE.

I entered the UofA and went 1 year try the coaching deal. Did great but I just keep thinking about those coaches statements. I was crushed. So I turned to business. I could go on and on but I would have been a good coach.

I look at Sam and I see myself and still feel upset that I got that advise. I had a HC coach tell me in Ft Smith that when I got out I had a BB coaching job. I had a HEAD Coaching or Asst. job BUT I didn’t go that route. And here I am today, with a birthday yesterday and 68 years old and NOT counting my money. LOL

Back to Sam, How did I know? I listened to the kids on here (HI) that went to bat for Sam and I knew he was different. I don’t understand why nobody learned that about San before now. I knew he was a winner. JMO, Thanks. WPS


Your right Clay and just watch somebody will end up working for Sam…

Sam is a leader. His talk applies to any leader of a team, sports or business. A key point is honesty. People should know where they stand. His point on constant communication of expectations and performance is key. And that can be tough. But it gains respect and is only fair. So much more he said that was great. He’s a keeper.


when taking a new team, I always tell people the same thing. You will always know where you stand. You may not like it, but you will always know.

it works

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I was thinking when I first heard this that those kids who left for portal had been communicated with which this seems to confirm. Second , I wondered how Coach B enjoyed hearing that–I am sure he was cool with it but must have been bittersweet too. I agree that there would be alot of coaches who would want to work for Coach , and that includes those on his staff now. Odom and Briles really like working for him which is telling to me.

Sam has the personality for this. Not every coach does. Some I wonder why they got into it.


Leadership requires making decisions. He seems to be clear on why and how to do it. Genuine and honest is his mantra. It always works.


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