Pittman and Loggains will

do in-home with Luke and Dylan Hasz tomorrow. Odom was to be there.

They’ll be at the Hasz house at 3.

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If we lose Loggains, do we lose the Hasz brothers?

Too early to know but it won’t be a positive if he’s leaving.

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Hasz has told teammates that if Loggains leaves he will flip to Bama. Not sure what that does to his brother. I would assume Bama takes him.

I am getting that from players…grain of salt.

That would be a big time suck!!

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Appears SP is going to earn that raise from last year.

Sam is going to have to hurt some feelings now to become the coach that he needs to be. As long as coaches move around as much as they do, it’s going to be hard for Arkansas to be a n upper half SEC team. That’s just my opinion. I hope that I am wrong.

It seems we are losing so very much with coaches (maybe not if Loggains stays, but I don’t see him turning down an OC position at South Carolina) and in the portal. Losing Odom doesn’t bother me. Losing Loggains to South Carolina will sting.

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Additionally, if we lose some of our prize high school recruits because of losing coaches, that just puts us that much further behind the “get better” curve. Those are things that are hard for us to overcome.

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November matters. Arkansas faltered and South Carolina finished strong. Head to head in Sept. it was no contest–Hawgs were the better team clearly. Beamer is doing good job for the Gamecocks.

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