Pitt PG enters portal

Has a 14-point career average. Muss is calling in 3, 2, 1…

I could be totally wrong here but this might be a year where Muss doesn’t hit the portal as hard. More on why later.

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Hope its because Smith Tate and Moody just wanna stick around for another year!


Maybe he just takes one instead of two or three. Or maybe some people stick around.

Speaking of which, Saturday should be senior day – unless the SEC decides to give us another home game next week. Saying goodbye to Smith and Tate and Jackson and Emeka? Who knows?

Desi will probably come back, KK will be ready to roll, Notae comes back. I doubt we take a guard??

I didn’t care much for Capel’s statement that the transfer was best for both Johnson and the Panthers. Indicates perhaps a locker room problem? Or, maybe just sour grapes from the HC.

I live in Pittsburgh, so believe me when I say we do not want Johnson.

Unless we can land a knock down 3 point shooter, since Moody will probably be NBA bound. I would hope that the combination of KK and Notae will become that, but a proven 3 point shooter would be great insurance.

What about Toney

You’re not entering the portal if you’re completely happy where you are. If this guy is having a problem with Capel, which is quite possible, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a fit here. I trust Muss to make that determination.

Speaking of people in the portal, I wonder if Justin Smith thought he’d be looking at a 4 or 5 seed here as opposed to looking at the bubble at IU (and IU might fall off the bubble).

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Toney would be a better fit. He shoots left handed and is a very good rebounder.

chance moore could be that guy


That would be great. Chance is about the same size as Moody. I don’t think he’s the 3 point shooter that Moody was in high school. I expect Chance to be an impact player for us next season though. I don’t, however, expect him to be able to replace what Moody is doing for this team. I’d love to be wrong though. I’m not sure Moody isn’t one of the top 2 or 3 freshmen in the country this season.

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I really hope that he scores well, but suspect he’ll drive/finish better than Moody. But I’d be surprised if Chance, or anyone, will have Moody’s beautiful 3 point stroke Or his rebounding. or his defense.

But I bet it’ll be fun to watch it all develop!


RD could it be that we have a shot at some highly thought of HS kids that everyone thought were going pro that might not be going pro after all?

Not I’m aware of but never rule anything out.

Marjon Beauchamp?

I forgot about him. Yes, he could be a possibility.

Everything I’m finding about Beauchamp says he turned pro.

Reconsidering that. Done some virtual visits very recently. Apparently one with Muss.