Pitt guard includes Arkansas in top 8

Stockrisers reports virtual visits were taken to Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss and Nebraska.

I think he is gonna be a Hog RD

Assume he’d have to sit out.

Gonna be a hog kids

I think Muss wants to have a couple of guys on the scholarship roster that are sitting out a transfer year.

I believe Muss will have at least 11 scholarship players eligible to play. Don’t think he wants to find himself with short of bodies like last season. I say 11 because you never know how many of those will be actually ready for P6 ball.

Agree. I kind of expect 1 grad transfer and 2 traditional transfers to come in along with 4 freshmen. That would require at least 1 more current player to transfer or go pro. I don’t have any inside knowledge but if you listen to Muss, this is what he says he likes to do.

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